Support a Scholarship

Melbourne Foundation for Business and Economics

The Foundation aims to give bright minds a brilliant future by building scholarship and bursary endowment for disadvantaged students studying business and economics. With this goal met, the University of Melbourne will be the first and only Australian institution offering 'needs  blind' education.

As a result of the Foundation's work, the smartest and most talented students will get the best education regardless of their circumstances.

The University of Melbourne offers one of the most comprehensive and generous scholarship programs in Australia.

We are exceptionally grateful to the vision of donors and sponsors whose generosity encourages and supports the brightest minds – regardless of financial circumstance – to fulfil their potential with us. An exciting and wide-ranging scholarship program also means a more diverse, richer learning environment that benefits  the entire Faculty community.

First in the Family Scholarships

These scholarships will support talented students who have experienced ongoing educational, financial or social disadvantage during high-school years, and who are the first in their family to attend university.

Beneficiaries will likely be from rural Australia, so scholarship support will be crucial in assisting their set-up in Melbourne, away from their traditional support networks.

Making a significant gift

You may wish to make a larger gift which will help to immediately transform an area of the Faculty that resonates with you. You can specify that your donation is used for an endowment, an ongoing purpose or perhaps as a one-off priority that has particular meaning for you.

For more information please contact Kim Brockett, Development Manager, or +61 3 8344 6021.

Making a Bequest

A bequest to the Faculty in your will is a special opportunity to benefit the lives of students and the Faculty. We have established the Heritage Society as our way of acknowledging supporters who have pledged to remember the University of Melbourne in their will.

For more information please contact Kim Brockett, Development Manager, or +61 3 8344 6021.