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  • How do I find the scholarships I am eligible for?

    You can find an overview of all scholarship opportunities across the University of Melbourne at the University of Melbourne Scholarships site.

    Faculty-based scholarships are advertised on the FBE Scholarship Opportunities page.

  • How do I apply for a scholarship?

    Some scholarships do not require an application – all eligible students in a particular course or courses will be automatically considered. Others are application-based, and you will only be considered if you have submitted an application. Application-based scholarships generally start with an online application, but the application process varies from scholarship to scholarship.

    Please visit the individual webpage for each scholarship to find out whether an application is required, and if so, what the application process is.

  • How are recipients selected for faculty-based scholarships?

    Most scholarships offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics are based on academic merit. The grade cut-off for selecting scholarship recipients varies from year to year, based on the number of scholarships available to award and the performance of the student cohort as a whole. All eligible students are considered, and there is no separate application process.

  • When will I find out if I have received a scholarship?

    Successful recipients of faculty-based merit scholarships are informed:

    • (Semester 1) January - March
    • (Semester 2) May - July

    For all other scholarships, please check the individual scholarship webpage for important dates.

  • Are there any scholarships which provide accommodation?

    There are a range of scholarship options available to students to support their stay in University of Melbourne accommodation. Explore all University of Melbourne accommodation scholarships and bursaries.

    International House and Medley Hall (the two University-owned residential colleges) as well as other affiliated residential colleges also offer various scholarships and financial support.

  • Can I accept my scholarship if my offer to study at the University of Melbourne is conditional?

    An offer to study at the University of Melbourne may be made subject to certain conditions. For example, a student may be required to complete their studies at a previous institution, or to provide certain documents for the University's records. This is called a "conditional offer".

    You can accept a scholarship if you have a conditional offer. However, your scholarship will only be awarded if you meet all the conditions in your offer letter and successfully enrol in your course.

  • Can I accept my scholarship if I am already holding another scholarship?

    The Faculty of Business and Economics' policies generally prohibit students from receiving a scholarship if they are already holding another University or external scholarship. This is to ensure that financial assistance is provided in a fair and equitable manner to students in need.

    The exception to this rule is the Global Mobility Scholarship, which can be held concurrently with another scholarship.

  • Can we negotiate the value of my scholarship?

    The value of scholarships is fixed to provide the opportunity to study at the University in a fair and equitable manner. They are non-negotiable.

  • What happens if I do not accept my scholarship offer by the deadline?

    If you do not accept your scholarship offer by the deadline stipulated in your offer letter, your scholarship will be revoked and awarded to another student.

  • Can I defer my scholarship?

    Unfortunately, scholarships cannot be deferred.

  • What is the difference between a fee remission scholarship and a stipend payment scholarship?

    A fee remission scholarship means that a proportion of your tuition fees are paid by the Faculty of Business and Economics. For example, if you receive a 25% fee remission for the duration of your course, you will only need to pay 75% of your course fees throughout your degree.

    By contrast, a stipend payment scholarship is a monetary payment, called a 'stipend' or an 'allowance', which is deposited directly into your nominated bank account.

  • When can I expect payment for my scholarship?

    If you are receiving a fee remission scholarship, the Faculty of Business and Economics will approve your fee remission amount at the beginning of each semester. Once your scholarship has been activated, it will be reflected in your Statement of Liability (fees statement) where the fee remission will already have been deducted. You can download an updated Statement of Liability in your Student Portal.

    If you are receiving a stipend/allowance scholarship, payments will generally be made in May and October each year. However, this is subject to the terms of your scholarship.

  • I was offered a fee remission scholarship after paying my fees for this semester. What should I do?

    We sometimes offer scholarships after the semester has started. If you have already paid your tuition fees for the semester, you can lodge a fee refund request.

    Alternatively, the amount owing to you can be credited towards your next fee instalment.

  • My fee remission Scholarship does not appear in my Student Portal

    Your scholarship does not appear in your Student Portal as it is a Faculty based award.

    Your scholarship will be reflected in your Statement of Liability (fee statement) provided you are successfully enrolled in subjects for the current year.

  • If I overload for one semester, will my scholarship entitlement increase for that semester?

    Overloading in a semester does not change the value of your scholarship entitlement. You will continue to receive the maximum entitlement stipulated in your scholarship offer letter.

  • What if I decide to underload?

    If your scholarship is awarded on the basis that you maintain full-time studies, it will be terminated if your course load falls below 37.5 credit points in any one semester.

    The exception to this is if you have written approval from the Scholarships Manager. If you believe that there are extenuating circumstances affecting your studies, please contact to discuss your options.

  • Will I still receive payments if I go on exchange for a semester?

    If you are accepted into the Melbourne Global Mobility Program as an exchange student:

    You will continue to receive your scholarship entitlements as long as you meet equivalent enrolment requirements during your exchange.

    If you have been accepted into the Global Mobility Program, it is your responsibility to notify the Scholarships office in writing. This allows us to do the necessary checks and approve your entitlement for when you go overseas. If you do not notify us on time, you may incur fees which will not be reimbursed.

    If you undertake independent study overseas:

    Your entitlements will be suspended until you return to your studies at the University of Melbourne. Please contact us at to apply for a Leave of Absence from your scholarship.

  • What happens if I transfer to another course?

    If you transfer to another course within the University of Melbourne your scholarship will be immediately terminated.

    If you wish to apply for another course in the Faculty of Business and Economics or Melbourne Business School, you must get written approval from the Scholarships Manager to continue receiving your scholarships entitlement for the new course.

  • What happens if I am unable to meet the academic progress requirements of my scholarship?

    Most scholarships are awarded subject to the requirement that you achieve a certain weighted average mark over the course of your studies.

    The Faculty of Business and Economics regularly monitors your academic progress to ensure that you continue to be eligible for the scholarship. If you do not meet the academic progress requirements, the Faculty may take a range of actions. The Faculty may decide to:

    • continue your scholarship entitlement, but under a warning;
    • suspend your scholarship entitlement until you can show satisfactory academic progress;
    • in extreme cases, it may terminate your scholarship.
  • What are the grounds for termination of a scholarship?

    Your scholarship may be terminated on several grounds:

    • You are not making satisfactory academic progress;
    • You have not complied with the conditions of your scholarship;
    • You have failed to improve your results following a suspension of your scholarship; or
    • You have not conformed to the obligations placed on students under the University's Statutes and Regulations and Policies as published on the University's Policy website.

    The Faculty takes into account your personal circumstances in assessing your continued eligibility for a scholarship. If you have not met the academic progress requirements for the scholarships, you will be given the opportunity to make a written submission to the Scholarships Manager, setting out any personal circumstances which have affected your studies.

  • I am receiving a scholarship as an international student. What are the implications for my scholarship if my citizenship status changes?

    If your permanent residency is granted before you accept the scholarship offer, the offer will be withdrawn.

    If you are granted permanent residency after enrolling in your course, you will be automatically transferred to a domestic full-fee paying place, and your scholarship will be terminated.

    If you are in the process of applying for permanent residency, please inform the Scholarships Manager in writing, so that you may be considered for one of the scholarships offered to domestic students.

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