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Ruth was born and educated in Cape Town, South Africa where she studied classical piano and composition, sparking her love for song writing from an early age. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts she then studied to become an accountant as a route to leave South Africa. And as her corporate career flourished, her love for music creation and poetry would take a backseat.

Ruth’s corporate career has comprised a long relationship with the firm Ernst & Young (EY), where she is the Asia-Pacific Risk Management Leader and a member of EY's Asia-Pacific D&I Committee. She has held many voluntary committee positions both in Australia and internationally and is a strong advocate for women’s leadership and diversity and inclusion more broadly.

In 2013, armed with life’s experiences and triggered by personal tragedy, Ruth returned to song writing for the first time in almost 30 years. She remembered and scored all of her old songs.

Through the re-discovery of her old material, Ruth’s passion for music and lyrics re-emerged in the form of The Song Tailors, a creative collaboration that would weave music and true stories together. The Song Tailors was created by Ruth as a platform for emerging artists at the same time as enabling her music to be heard. Ruth writes both the music and the lyrics. She also composes classical music:

Ruth's CV is available for download by clicking here.

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