Geoffrey Burrows


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Prior to joining the University in 1971, Geoff worked variously as a secondary teacher, budgetary control officer and lecturer at Prahran College of Advanced Education (now Deakin University). During 30 years on the full-time staff at Melbourne he headed the Department of Accounting and Business Law (predecessor to the current Accounting Department) during 1987-90 and was Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics during 1993-96. His research interests encompass accounting history, financial analysis and the sugar industry. He has also consulted extensively to a range of private and public-sector entities, principally in the road and air transport and sugar industries. Since retiring from full-time academic life in 2001 Geoff has remained active as researcher, consultant and commissioned historian.



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2008 Academy of Accounting Historians Hourglass Award for contributions to accounting history.

1986 Fellowship of Australian Writers' Award for best local history (The Canecutters).

Research interests