The Business and Economics Internship Experience at KPMG

By Volkan Ozer

For Volkan Ozer, his Internship at KPMG was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences from his time at university.

I was fortunate to be selected to complete the BUSA90525 Business and Economics Internship over the 2019/2020 Summer period. I undertook my internship with KPMG, where I was placed into the Audit and Assurance (Enterprise) division. Here, I helped audit large clients’ financial statements and provided feedback on internal processes.

Upon starting the internship, I expected to be given sporadic tasks. Instead, I was placed into a team after one week of training and I began audit work. Plunging into the deep end in a Big Four firm was a challenge.

Volkan (right) and his intern cohort

As an intern, I was the main point of contact for collecting information from clients. This gave me the opportunity to focus on developing my communication skills. The process of gathering information without coming off as pushy or demanding required tact. It was important to uphold a good client-auditor relationship, and my KPMG supervisors held me to this standard.

The internship and subject experiences were extremely rewarding, despite the first half being conducted remotely. The experience enabled me to create a link between my studies and the kind of work I would like to perform post-graduation. I found myself applying concepts from my degree, but more importantly I was using the analytical skills I had developed at university to excel in tasks at KPMG. Reflecting on my experience, I would advise interns to engage with their colleagues and managers by asking questions. Maintaining contact with colleagues helped me to ensure I did not fall behind on assigned tasks.

Prior to my internship commencing, the subject required me to set out career goals and learnings that I hoped to gain from my self-sourced internship. I also completed four online modules outlining workplace expectations, digital literacy, employability and reflective learning. The subject material provided me with invaluable learning content. The material set the foundation for expectations in a professional setting, which gave me a head start ahead of other KPMG interns. Furthermore, the learnings allowed me to understand the importance of communicating with colleagues, clients, and managers. In consultation with my subject coordinator, I was able to set goals before stepping into KPMG. My main goal was to secure employment at the firm and I achieved this goal. Following my internship I was offered a graduate position at the firm.

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The Business and Economics Internship subject allowed me to gain credit towards my degree whilst completing an internship concurrently. I recommend this subject to business students wanting work experience in their desired industry, while having academic support.

This experience has been pivotal in helping me shape my career goals and has provided me with a strong foundation to transition into full-time work. I would like to thank my academic subject coordinator, and the Faculty’s Student Experience and Experiential Learning team who organised this invaluable opportunity, despite the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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