Melbourne Institute and UQ collaborate to evaluate $96m government fund

Researchers at the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) at The University of Queensland and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research are to partner on a $3.7 million contract evaluating the Department of Social Services’ Try, Test and Learn (TTL) Fund.

The TTL, currently in its second tranche, seeks input from a range of stakeholders, including academia and the general public, to devise and trial new ways of reducing long-term welfare dependence.

This evaluation, led by Professor Janeen Baxter, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course at UQ, will focus on 14 TTL projects undertaken for three priority groups: young parents, young carers and students at risk of long-term unemployment.

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Professor Guyonne Kalb, Director of the Labour Economics and Social Policy Program at the Melbourne Institute said: "The Institute is very excited to be part of the Consortium led by the ISSR and contribute to this important evaluation of the Try, Test and Learn funded interventions."

The aim of the interventions is to reduce life-long disadvantage for vulnerable Australians. Carefully designed evaluations of these interventions are essential for sound policy design and implementation into the future.

Professor Guyonne Kalb

The evaluation will encompass quantitative and qualitative analysis including stakeholder interviews, participant surveys and extensive data analysis, and will run until mid-2020.

For more information see the TTL website.

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