Love at first sight

By Seth Robinson

Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) student Aishwarya Kalyanshetti completed a masters degree at home in India, but at the end of her studies she didn’t feel she’d gotten all she needed. With her sights set on studying abroad, a chance encounter at a student recruitment fair opened her eyes to Melbourne Business School, and it was love at first sight.

For Aishwarya, the nudge she needed to pursue further study came from working in her family’s business, and a conversation with her father.

‘The brutal truth is, I worked for my dad for seven years. I handled his accounts, managed relationships with stakeholders, that sort of thing. He always used to say to me “Here, read the balance sheet and tell me what’s wrong”, and in all of those seven years, I wasn’t able to read it. That was pretty confronting for me, it was after my bachelors and first masters degree, so that made me really want to go overseas and study, to get those skills.’

Aishwarya Kalyanshetti
- Aishwarya Kalyanshetti.

Aishwarya visited an IDP recruitment fair in India, where universities from around the world come to connect with prospective students.

‘I hadn’t really considered studying in Australia – I was mainly focused on going to the UK – but there was an Australia section at the IDP fair, and when I went in the University of Melbourne was the first table I saw. It was love at first sight. I spoke to the representative there from Melbourne Business School and it became really apparent that this was the uni for me.’

One of the things that has defined the MBS Experience for Aishwarya, has been the connections she has formed with her teachers, and the faculty’s academics.

‘Having a close connection with my professors is something that’s always been really important for me, and that’s definitely something I’ve gotten here. In particular, Matt Dyki and Valerie Cotronei-Baird have been super supportive, acting as mentors through my degree, especially since I’ve been working as a tutor as well.’

Ultimately, Aishwarya wants to take her studies and her experience as a tutor and pursue a career as a teacher and in academia.

‘I’ve loved tutoring, getting to have those interactions with students and have that impact. Now that I’m finishing my masters, I’m looking at doing a PhD in 2021, hopefully with Valerie as my supervisor. I would love to do research into innovation in teaching accounting.’

The Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) provides students with advanced knowledge and skills across two disciplines. Through a combination of core and elective subjects, you'll prepare yourself for entry into the fields of finance or accounting. Take on a business consulting subject, gain industry exposure through real life case studies, and immerse yourself in the diverse and high-achieving Melbourne Business School community.

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‘One thing I will say, about coming to MBS, is that it’s best to come with no expectations. You don’t know where the journey is going to take you, so be open to all the opportunities that come with that. Come as a blank slate, then draw the life you want to lead,’ she laughs. ‘I’m also happy to say that two years later, I’ve called my dad up and said told him “You send me that balance sheet, I’ll read it, and I’ll tell you what’s wrong.’