Lachlan Price: on the many sides of Marketing

By Seth Robinson

Lachlan Price came to Melbourne to study in the Bachelor of Commerce. It was there he discovered a passion for Marketing. Now, he’s in the second year of his Master of Management (Marketing), and preparing to enter the workforce.

Lachlan moved to Melbourne from his home town of Mildura in regional Victoria, when he started his Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) at the University of Melbourne.

‘Leaving Mildura and adjusting to life in the city was a major challenge, maintaining my country roots are really important to me, and it took time to adapt, but I loved the new experiences I got from the BCom. I initially thought that I would be a Finance and Economics major, but then I had to take some management and marketing subjects that were core subjects for the degree, and I absolutely loved them. I loved learning about the branding and strategy side of building a company or an organisation.’

Lachlan Price
Master of Management (Marketing) student, Lachlan Price.

Lachlan majored in marketing, and went on to spend much of his second year on exchange at the University of Connecticut in the United States – an experience he found extremely rewarding – but as he came to the end of his undergraduate studies, he still wanted more. He enrolled in the Master of Management (Marketing).

‘I always wanted to do a master’s degree, I felt like it would allow me to further develop my skills and my confidence, and I think in the future it will definitely add to my employability. I think it’s also a chance to engage more deeply with the University community and extra-curricular activities. I’ve joined the MBS Student Association as a committee member, and was fortunate enough to win the MBS Case Competition! I was also just accepted into the Global Busines Practicum, which is going to take place online over the summer. I’m really excited about the opportunities this will offer me. I definitely feel like I made the right choice.’

The Master of Management (Marketing) provides foundation training in a variety of business and management disciplines, with specialist training in marketing. This course is about the means by which organisations attract and retain customers, including aspects of marketing, strategy, customer behaviour, branding, and international marketing.

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By continuing on to the post-grad level, Lachlan is also getting the opportunity to hone his marketing skills, to take classes he missed during his undergrad, and to add a greater depth to his understanding of the discipline.

‘This semester I’m taking Advertising and Public Relations (PR), neither of which I experienced in my undergrad. I’m really enjoying both of these, they’re still marketing focused, but they’re different to what I’ve done before, and they’re asking me to engage new skills. In my undergrad I focused on doing a lot of strategy-based subjects, whereas Advertising and PR exist more in the creative space. At the moment, we’re working on developing an advertising campaign for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.’

This assignment is perfect for Lachlan, who hopes to launch a career in sports marketing upon graduation.

‘I’m really interested in sports management, marketing, and agencies. I want to bring my love of sport and my business knowledge together into some sort of career role. It’s a competitive industry, and lots of people are trying to break into it, but I think with the skillset I have now it’s definitely achievable.’

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