Humans of MBS: Luke Geoghegan

Luke Geoghegan

Please tell us about yourself, Luke:

I’m originally from Perth! I graduated from the University of Western Australia earlier this year with a Bachelor of Science with majors in both Mathematics and Statistics, and Finance. I’m now in studying the Master of Actuarial Science at Melbourne Business School (MBS).

Why choose MBS?

Faced with the prospect of moving to a different university for my postgraduate studies as UWA doesn’t offer Actuarial Science, I decided that the best place to move to would be Australia’s top University, and the bonus? It’s in what is arguably the best city in Australia!

We think so too! What do you enjoy most about the Master program?

Personally, I enjoy the content that is delivered most about my program: how we are able to make tangible connections to real-world problems using sophisticated mathematics and statistics tools and models. I’m excited to be in this space and learn in this way because my ultimate goal is to qualify as an Australian actuary, to pursue work in the finance sector and use my quantitative skills to advise high-level decision-making.

Back to Melbourne being the best city in Australia. What do you like about living here?

Coming from Perth, Melbourne is an incredible step up as far as activities, nightlife and culture go. (Laughs) But I think my favourite thing is being able to wander down to the shops at 7pm and not have everything closed and nobody around!

We’re certainly a city that comes to life!

Yes, to me, Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures and ways of life, and one is never short of variety and new experiences. In my spare time, I enjoy getting involved with the vast number of sporting events taking place in the city. Whether it be supporting your favourite local AFL team or attending a FIFA World Cup Qualifier, there is always something exciting happening.

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