Federal election: Leadership analysis

As the election campaigners filled our streets, community spaces and TV screens, the leaders of the major political parties faced scrutiny and criticism for their policies, communications skills and, perhaps most importantly, for their ability to lead the country.

Speaking to ABC News 24, Professor Peter Gahan, Director of the Centre for Workplace Leadership (CWL) at the University of Melbourne, said that typically what we saw were politicians struggling to work out the bigger narrative to take to an increasingly fragmented electorate.

While Malcolm Turnbull lead with optimism and innovation he failed to follow up with concrete action plans. Professor Gahan points out that a sense of humility was missing from Turnbull's election night speech. Later, acknowledgment of his over-confidence marked a key turning point in his approach.

Bill Shorten signalled a willingness to talk to cross benchers and speak to constituencies voting for independents, a key difference between the two.

Gahan says that political opportunism and point scoring will be less feasible in the 45th Parliament.

Watch Professor Peter Gahan's live analysis of the Federal Election Leadership.

(Source: ABCNews24 interview duration: 6.23 minutes)

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