The Global Business Practicum Experience with Omexom, France

By Niels Larsen

As a capstone to enrich my Melbourne Business School experience, I undertook the Global Business Practicum.

I chose this subject because I wanted to directly interact with real-world problems while also applying the knowledge I had learned in earlier modules. As a result, I was able to advance my commercial acumen and business competencies, as well as improve my employability skills.

The Global Business Practicum involves working as a team of consultants to solve problems for an assigned client. In this case, my team was allocated to an energy company - Omexom - based in Paris, France. We were tasked with proposing recommendations concerning a number of wind and photovoltaic (solar) farms coming to an end of useful life in France, Germany and Denmark.

My team consisted of four members with diverse backgrounds. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals, and it was no surprise we collaborated effectively. We established roles and norms very early and were able to synergise to achieve strong academic outcomes. Today, I still keep in touch with my team members talking about graduating, career pathways and Japanese food. We were required to deliver a report which consisted of:

  • research, in the form of primary internal interviews and secondary analysis of databases and journals;
  • analysis, including PESTLE and SWOT analyses and a net present value model; and
  • strategic recommendations, which addressed the problems at hand and were accompanied by limitations.

The direct professional experience offered in the Global Business Practicum subject has helped me in my current role as a digital strategy, transformation and innovation consultant. I learnt that problems are complex, and that it is especially important to communicate clearly, and work closely with your project team in an agile manner. Not only has it improved my confidence in delivering reports, models and presentations, but it has also honed my soft skills - through my use of critical thinking, conflict management and time management.

The final presentation delivery has been the most memorable part of my time working on the project. Our team worked hard to carry it out effectively, to our client and supervisor's satisfaction.

To sum up my experience, I reflect on a phrase that my team and I came up with after submitting our last deliverable – you really get what you put in. For Melbourne Business School students who are motivated to enhance their commercial acumen and business competencies, as well as gain direct industry experience, I highly recommend undertaking the Global Business Practicum.

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