Dean's letter to students - Semester 1, 2023

The Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics Professor Paul Kofman, welcomes students to campus in 2023.

For those joining us to commence their studies, welcome to the Faculty of Business and Economics and the University of Melbourne. Now you are a valued member of a community of people who address real-world business challenges and conduct long-term work to promote prosperity and equality.

If you are returning after the holidays, welcome back. I hope 2023 will be a productive year for you.

This year you can all enjoy the benefits of being on campus and you will experience the reasons why we conduct classes in person. Being on campus gives you a better chance of making connections. You will be sitting beside like-minded students who will support you, learn with you, and challenge you to be the best you can. Some will become your friends and others you will encounter again in the future as you navigate your career. When you are on campus interacting with your classmates, you give yourself more opportunities to discover something new about yourself and the world.

You will be face-to-face with our academic staff who are recognised internationally for being leading researchers and thinkers. They will share their valuable knowledge and inspire you to challenge established thinking, including your own. They are very much looking forward to seeing you in lectures and tutorials after years of remote teaching.

Our student support team will communicate with you regularly and keep you up to date with study opportunities and enrichment activities. If you need guidance about subject selection, you can talk to one of our support staff. I invite you to become familiar with the University’s range of support services including career guidance and mental health support.

Dean Professor Paul Kofman
Dean Professor Paul Kofman

The Faculty of Business and Economics holds events for the wider community which you can also attend, such as public lectures and conferences. You can learn about these via our newsroom and social media.

While it’s exciting to see you all on campus again, we all need to remember the virus that has disrupted our lives recently is still among us. You can see the University’s latest advice about staying safe and healthy on campus here.

I hope you enjoy your first weeks on campus. I look forward to seeing you around The Spot.

All the best,

Professor Paul Kofman

Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics