Australian Economic Review: December 2017

The latest edition of the Australian Economic Review explores the association between community trust and concentrations of migrant ethnic minority groups, the effect of robots on employment and the progress of China’s economy.

Published quarterly by the Melbourne Institute, Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne, the journal has a strong policy focus and presents research on and analysis of topics relevant to economic and social issues.

The articles in the December edition include:

Assessing the association between trust and concentration area of migrant ethnic minority in Sydney

Dr Yogi Vidyattama from the University of Canberra examines whether geographically concentrated migrant ethnic minority groups are associated with lower levels of trust in Sydney.

Are robots taking our Jobs?

Professor Jeff Borland and Dr Michael Coelli from the University of Melbourne explore the effect of computer-based technologies on employment in Australia. The researchers find technology does not decrease the amount of work available or increase the pace of structural change in the labour market.

The impacts of the presence of disabled members on intra-household allocation in older Australian households

Dr Xiaodong Gong and Professor Laurie Brown from the University of Canberra explore the spending habits of older Australian families, particularly those that care for a member with a disability.

Where is the Chinese economy going? A forum on contemporary policy and performance

Professor Ross Garnaut and Dr Lauren Johnston from the University of Melbourne and Associate Professor Ligang Song from Australian National University assess the progress made since China adopted a new model of growth in 2011.

The full journal can be viewed here.

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