Academic Announcement Peter Bossaerts: Human intelligence and artificial intelligence collide

Enthusiastic about the research and teaching components of experimental finance and decision neuroscience, Professor Peter Bossaerts is far from your everyday economics professor.

With his new academic appointment of Distinguished Professor to the Faculty of Business and Economics, Bossaerts is keenly focused on the next 12 months of work ahead of him; leading students, faculty members and university staff towards the “century of inter-disciplinary research”, a compelling phase he uses when speaking about the gamification of financial decision-making that requires a  collision of ideas from fields as far apart as finance, psychology, neuroscience and computer science.

Sitting Down

Bossaerts, who first joined the University of Melbourne in 2012 as an Honorary Professional Fellow, is originally from Belgium but spent most of his career at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the United States.

With a veritable collection of global academic appointments, grants, awards, keynote lectures and literature based on asset pricing theory, experimental finance, decision neuroscience and financial economics, says he prefers to "experiment with humans, not math problems on paper" and cites Herbert Simon as his inspiration and muse.

Continuing his disruptive and innovative approach of using controlled experimentation with human subjects in the study of financial decision-making and financial markets, Prof Bossaerts is introducing  gamification to teach faculty students and staff how to let go of instinctive triggers to be able to make better decisions.

You can hear Bossaerts explain more about the benefits of economics and neuroscience working together in the following short video.

Join us in welcoming Peter to his newest appointment.