2022 Deans Excellence Awards

The 2022 Deans Excellence Awards were held on Thursday 10 November at the Faculty of Business and Economics. Staff were recognised for excellence in three categories: Teaching Excellence, Research Awards and Diversity & Inclusion Excellence.

All winners of the Deans Excellence Awards

The winners of the 2022 Deans Excellence Awards.

2022 Deans Teaching Excellence Awards

The awards allow us to celebrate the achievements of our academics in the classroom where they seek to maximise the learning outcomes of our students and engage them in a fully immersive learning experience. These experiences allow us to keep placing students at the heart of what we do – a cornerstone of the Advancing Melbourne strategy. Teaching awards have long been used to foster an environment of teaching excellence in FBE. This year’s award recipients have shown resilience, fortitude, adaptability and innovation in their teaching. All of them have led student-centred teaching approaches in what continues to be an environment in considerable flux.

This year, we celebrate four awards for teaching excellence as follows:

Deans Award for Excellence in Tutoring

Mr Assaf Dekel (Finance)

Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching (Level A&B)

Dr Kanika Meshram (Management & Marketing)

Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching (Team Category) 

Dr Zahra Hosseinifard & Mr Jackson Yuen (Management & Marketing)

The Carol Johnston Teaching Excellence Award 

A/Prof Joshua Miller (Economics)

2022 Deans Research Awards

The Deans Awards scheme recognises and rewards excellence in research, research engagement and partnerships, research in business education, research training and lifetime exceptional distinction in research activities in FBE and MBS.

In 2022, FBE and MBS introduced the Cynthia Hardy Award for Research Impact. Professor Cynthia Hardy has had a long and distinguished association with the Faculty’s Department of Management and Marketing and this Award recognises her achievements and outstanding contribution in Research Impact. The Award celebrates research activities from Early Career Researchers that have resulted in or are likely to result in exceptional impact.

There are three awards to announce as follows:

Exceptional Distinction in Research for Research Excellence (Level D&E)

The winner is Professor Lisa Cameron for her publication “Crimes Against Morality: Unintended Consequences of Criminalizing Sex Work” recently published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics

Research Engagement and Partnership Award (Level D&E)

The winner is Professor Abigail Payne for her work with the Taking the Pulse of the Nation survey and reports

Cynthia Hardy Award for Research Impact (Level A-C)

The winner is Dr Ferdi Botha for his work on Financial Wellbeing Scales (CBA)

2022 Deans D&I Excellence Awards

As a new addition to the annual Deans’ Excellence Awards, the D&I Excellence Awards were established in 2022 to recognise and celebrate individuals and groups who have made exceptional contributions to further the strategic objectives of FBE’s D&I agenda. Establishing the D&I Excellence Awards highlights our commitment and ambition expressed in the D&I strategy and stated in the FBE/MBSL Joint Vision and Strategic Framework as: “we will lead by example in creating diverse and inclusive environments.”

The Awards showcase our commitment to promoting and rewarding D&I to our internal and external stakeholders, reaffirms our joint EQUIS and AACSB accreditations and our commitment to the PRME. The Awards also promote the faculty’s awareness of the importance to advance D&I in practice.

There are three categories of award with the following winners this year as follows:

Thought Leadership and Intellectual Contribution

The winner is Dr Jan Kabatek (MI) on LGBTQI+ topics

Promoting D&I

There are two winners under this category.
(1) Associate Professor Melissa Laird (MSPACE) on Indigenous sovereignty
(2) Cody Moore, Samantha Fossey, Dr Zhen Shi, Dr Victoria Roberts, and Associate Professor Mei Dong - on sheCommerce

Inclusive Pedagogy

(not awarded this year)