Our research projects contribute to deepening our understanding of the Indigenous business sector from diverse angles.

Dilin Duwa’s research covers three themes: The Indigenous economy, Policy and Indigenous economic empowerment, and Socio-economic and cultural legacies and impacts.

Theme 1: The Indigenous economy

The Centre has commenced working on the third Indigenous Economic Power snapshot as part of the Indigenous Economic Power Project. Dialogue with key stakeholders including the Australia Bureau of Statistics and Indigenous data custodians on data sharing is ongoing to produce this annual national Indigenous business and economic dataset. The dataset will produce longitudinal Indigenous business statistics to inform the sector and its stakeholders.

Theme 2: Policy and Indigenous economic empowerment

Work is also underway on the ARC-funded evaluation of the impacts of Indigenous preferential procurement programs (IPPPs) on Indigenous businesses, Indigenous communities, procurers’ operations and outcomes. Phase 1 is underway, and the Centre is engaging with government agencies and Indigenous data custodians to encourage support for and participation in the project.

Theme 3: Socio-cultural legacies and impact

The Historical Frontier Violence project aims to build data to identify the historical factors that incited frontier violence and the impact of that legacy on communities. Researchers are progressing with work on mapping the frontier, and the qualitative fieldwork is poised to commence shortly. We expect to develop new knowledge on the circumstances and legacy of settlement and the origins of gaps in life prospects between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

In addition to this work, the Centre is also engaged in research on Indigenous entrepreneurs' experiences of social mobility in Australia. Interviews are currently underway.

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Associate Professor Michelle Evans
Director, Dilin Duwa Centre for Indigenous Business Leadership

Indigenous businesses are vibrant and operate in every sector of the economy. But very little is known about them. Our research will bridge this data gap and provide an understanding of the sector, the levers and its impact.