Season 1

GameChangers is a show about people who have played by their own rules when it comes to their career. Join us as we speak with Melbourne-bred bright minds who have taken the road less travelled and found their niche in the world.

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Episode #8 // Manita ray

Manita Ray is the CEO of ygap, a global organisation that helps emerging entrepreneurs have an impact. In the final episode of the season, we spoke with Manita about her work, and what it takes to make the world a better place.

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Episode #7 // Ruby Wang

Ruby Wang left her career as an Actuary and set off overseas looking for adventure, she came back with a business idea. Nudie Glow is bringing Korean Beauty to Australia. In episode Seven of GameChangers, Ruby gives us a glimpse behind the entrepreneurs mask.

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Episode #6 // Wei Sue & Shing Sheung

Sick babies need specialised medical equipment sized to suit their bodies, but prematurely born babies require even more specialised technology. Wei Sue and Shing Sheung are co-founders of NAVi Medical Technologies, a start-up that's developing cutting-edge technologies and procedures designed to save the lives of newborns.

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Episode #5 // Jane Kou

Every year, food waste costs Australians 20 billion dollars, with enough food to fill 9,000 Olympic swimming pools entering landfill. Jane Kou is the founder of Bring Me Home, a startup that's tackling the global issue of food waste, by starting at the local level. Bring Me Home provides affordable access to food that would otherwise go to waste.

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Episode #4 // Kristian Martinow

Kristian Martinow is the Founder and Chief Timekeeper at watch company, The Timekeeper. He's also a mental health advocate and facilitator, with an inspiring personal philosophy, and a unique approach to life and business.

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Episode #3 // Bryony Cole

Bryony Cole is the world's leading authority on SexTech. She's a keynote speaker, and hosts the Future of Sex Podcast. We spoke with Bryony via Skype to find out about her work, splitting her time between Australia and New York, and just what it takes to make it on the cutting edge.

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Episode #2 // Laura Youngson

Laura Youngson is a world record holder and entrepreneur. She's played soccer at the top of Kilimanjaro, below sea-level, and she's lining things up for record number three. Through her work with Ida Sports, she's created a football boot specially engineered for the female foot.

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Episode #1 // Jason Ball

Jason Ball is the founder of Pride Cup, an initiative that's grown into a national movement for LGBTI+ pride and inclusion across sporting codes. He's a Young Victorian of the Year, and is running for the hotly contested seat of Higgins in the upcoming Federal election.

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