Season 2

GameChangers is a show about people who have played by their own rules when it comes to their career. Join us as we speak with Melbourne-bred bright minds who have taken the road less travelled and found their niche in the world.

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Episode #8 // Beth Ryan

In the final episode of GameChangers Season 2, we're speaking with Beth Ryan, a midwife who is using her online platform 'Birth with Beth' to combat misinformation. We'll find out what it's involved in being a midwife, how she launched 'Birth with Beth' to help new and expectant parents through lockdown, and how she see's the health sector evolving.

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Episode #7 // Jannette Le

Jannette Le is an architect, lecturer, model maker, and the founder of TinyTecture, an Instagram page that takes its followers inside some stunning miniature spaces. We spoke with Jeannette about what it's like working as an architect, how we can expect the pandemic to change our offices, and how spaces tell stories.

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Episode #6 // John Tass-Parker

John Tass-Parker was always driven by his interest in politics, the media, and his desire to tell stories. He's worked as a photographer, film producer, and in the media team for former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Now, he's the Head of Politics and Government at Instagram, and works with the Fred Hollows Foundation.

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Episode #5 // Rona Glynn-McDonald

Rona Glynn-McDonald proud Kaytetye woman from Central Australia who works with high impact organisations to create systems that centre First Nations people, knowledge and solutions. She's also the founding CEO of Common Ground, a company that is bringing Indigenous stories and voices to the rest of Australian society.

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Episode #4 // Adam Jahnke

Adam Jahnke is the CEO and Co-Founder of Umps Health, a technology company that has taken a unique approach to helping the elderly. Hear how a project Adam designed to help his Grandfather, 'Umps', led to the launch of his company, and where he thinks the future of aged care is heading.

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Episode #3 // Nina Liew

Nina Liew travelled around the world to pursue her dreams in New York. Now, we speak with Nina about life in the Big Apple, her role as Chief of Staff at Shared_Studios, and how she thinks the pandemic has changed what we prioritise, and how we connect.

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Episode #2 // Cameron Knox

Cameron Knox is the CEO and Co-founder of Allume Energy, an engineer turned entrepreneur with a sunflower's love for solar energy. We spoke with him about what it's like making the move from the technical side of things into the world of business, and why his company's technology is perfectly positioned to bring clean energy to millions of people, all over the world.

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Episode #1 // Maria Thattil

Maria Thattil is a writer, model, influencer, entrepreneur, and Miss Universe Australia. It's a serious resume, but if anyone is up to the challenge, it's Maria. We spoke with her about how she's using her platform to create change, and just how she manages to balance all of those spinning plates.

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On Season 2 of GameChangers we're taking some time to re-connect. We're going all over the world to find a group of incredible new guests, who have built communities, technologies, and businesses that are focused on bringing people together. Join us as we speak CEOs, Architects, Midwives, Artists, Influencers and Miss Universe, as they give us a rare insight into their lives and careers. Download it wherever you get your podcasts from April 14.