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In today’s competitive labour market, it is more important than ever to offer compelling learning and development opportunities to attract and retain top talent. Work with us to design a world-class Corporate Learning Academy tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Our team has a proven track record of working with clients of all sizes, and from a range of industries, to build customised training infrastructure.

By focusing on technical skills uplift and developing the mindsets and behaviours needed to drive transformative change, we empower your people at all levels with the tools they need to succeed.

A Corporate Learning Academy may include any combination of:


Certified, bite-sized courses covering key topics in an engaging way while maintaining the quality and attention to detail you expect from a leading global University. Taught by our world-class academics, MicroCerts can be stacked together to form pathways into further study, including our suite of management Masters degrees.


Short courses that tackle a single topic and that can be contextualised to your organisational needs. These are led by our academics and designed specifically for you.

Curated Conversations

Group Q&A sessions facilitated by our academics to allow participants to update their thinking on key issues, under expert guidance with immediate, personalised reinforcement and feedback.

Program Delivery Example

The example below shows the utilisation of:

uom blue circle 8 x MicroCerts [Series 1 - Managing Teams] [Series 2 - Adaptive Leadership]
dark blue circle 2 x Masterclasses
dark teal circle Opening and Closing Events
dark green circle Diagnostics
dark yellow circle Reporting

In this case the program aim was to achieve rapid uplift of junior and mid-level staff in leadership skills. In addition, the cohort received additional training in Financial Acumen and Systems Thinking.


dark teal circle Launch Event

dark green circle Diagnostics: pre-program


uom blue circle MicroCert: Effective Leadership Communication


uom blue circle MicroCert: Leading Teams


uom blue circle MicroCert: Effective Negotiation

light blue circle Masterclass online primer


dark bluse circle Masterclass: Financial Acumen


uom blue circle MicroCert: Performance Management

[End MicroCert Series 1 - Managing Teams]


uom blue circle MicroCert: Personal Effectiveness


uom blue circle MicroCert: Ethical Judgement

light blue circle Masterclass online primer


uom blue circle MicroCert: Creativity and Innovation

dark bluse circle Masterclass: Systems Thinking


uom blue circle MicroCert: Leading Change

[End MicroCert Series 2 - Adaptive Leadership]


dark green circle Diagnostics: post-program


dark teal circle Closing Ceremony

dark yellow circle Evaluation Report

Optional - commence the Master of Professional Management with 25 points or two subjects worth of credit

Success Stories

Belong logo

"Our people are craving for learning and development opportunities ... this format was ideal for us and Melbourne uni was a perfect partner for us."
- Jana Kotatko, CEO Belong
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"The University of Melbourne demonstrated an incredible level of commitment to this partnership and our training needs. They tailored the program to meet the exact needs of Unilever Indonesia."
- Willy Saelan, VP HR, Unilever Indonesia
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