Econometrics Seminar - Jay Lee (University of New South Wales)

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Tomasz Wo┼║niak

Title: A Doubly Corrected Robust Variance Estimator for Linear GMM (with Jungbin Hwang and Byunghoon Kang)

Abstract: We propose a new finite sample corrected variance estimator for the linear generalized method of moments (GMM) including the one-step, two-step, and iterated estimators. Our formula additionally corrects for the over-identification bias in variance estimation on top of the commonly used finite sample correction of Windmeijer (2005) which corrects for the bias from estimating the efficient weight matrix, so is doubly corrected. An important feature of the proposed double correction is that it automatically provides robustness to misspecification of the moment condition. In contrast, the conventional variance estimator and the Windmeijer correction are inconsistent under misspecification. That is, the proposed double correction formula provides a convenient way to obtain improved inference under correct specification and robustness against misspecification at the same time.

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