Seminar Room 605, Level 6, FBE Building 111 Barry Street, Carlton



Prof. Michael Smith

Open to the public, registration is essential

Presenter: Professor Siddhartha Chib

Harry C. Hartkopf Professor of Econometrics and Statistics
Washington University in St. Louis, USA

This course deals with Bayesian inference, in observational data settings, about the effect of a binary treatment variable on an outcome of interest. The goal is to provide an understanding of the role of Bayesian thinking for tackling this problem. 

Relevant materials, in the form of published and unpublished papers, will be circulated at the start of the course. To facilitate learning, illustration of the methods in live computer presentations will also be provided. 

The course will be helpful for students and researchers in economics and the social sciences, and fields that utilise observational data in their research.

Masterclass program

The masterclass is open to anyone interested in Bayesian Econometrics and follows the Melbourne Bayesian Econometrics Workshop.

Michael Chua
Reza Hajargasht
Liana Jacobi
Yong Song 
Tomasz Wo┼║niak

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