Distance Education - Actuarial Practice and Control (Part II)


The University of Melbourne will be offering its Actuarial Practice and Control subjects (which collectively cover Part II of the Actuaries Institute syllabus for qualification as a Fellow of the Institute) as distance education subjects this year, as well as part of an honours degree.

The Centre now offers a new subject “General Insurance Practice”. This subject will prepare students for the Actuaries Institute’s Part III modules in General Insurance. It will allow the student to study the material in a manner familiar from their previous studies for Part II. It will NOT grant an exemption, however.

The Actuarial Practice and Control and General Insurance subjects are offered on a non-award basis, meaning that students can enroll in these subjects without being enrolled in a degree or taking any other subjects at the university.

For candidates resident in Melbourne, the university offers a lecture series course.
For candidates resident outside Melbourne, either in other parts of Australia or overseas, the subjects are available as distance education courses. Distance students have online access to full audio and video recordings of the lectures and tutorials.

The university is internationally recognized for actuarial teaching and research.
A team of established actuarial professionals teaches the university subjects.

The staff:

  • collectively have a wealth of experience of actuarial practice;
  • are up-to-date on current actuarial practices;
  • are experts in different fields of actuarial practice.

The university provides audio-visual and other material online.

Prerequisites for Enrolment

Part I of the Actuaries Institute actuarial syllabus is required knowledge for the Actuarial Practice and Control subjects. You will usually meet this requirement if:

  • You have completed an actuarial undergraduate degree at one of the Australian universities accredited by the Actuaries Institute to provide its Part I education, and you have been exempted from most of the Actuaries Institute Part I examinations. The currently accredited universities are Macquarie University, the University of Melbourne, the University New South Wales, the Australia National University, Monash University and Curtin University.
  • You may also be able to enroll if you have been exempted from the Part I examinations and can demonstrate knowledge of the remaining subjects. Applicants who fall into this category will be considered on their individual merits.

Acceptance into the Actuarial Practice and Control subjects will usually be automatic for applicants who meet the prerequisites set out above. If you are uncertain whether you meet the prerequisites, please contact the Centre for Actuarial Studies.

These APC subjects form a natural sequence and, as a general rule, should be attempted in this order although APCII & III can be studied simultaneously.

For General Insurance Practice, a student should at the very least have completed the CT6 exemption and ideally will have completed the associateship of the Actuaries Institute or equivalent.

Distance Education Course


At the start of each subject, all students are provided with a study guide that outlines how the subject will progress, informs students of required reading, and gives instructions regarding assignments.


For Actuarial Practice & Control I & II assessment consists of written coursework components (assignments and/or projects) worth 30 percent and a three-hour written examination at the end of semester worth 70 percent.

In Actuarial Practice & Control III assessment consists of written coursework components (assignments and/or projects) is worth 20 percent and a three-hour written examination at the end of semester worth 80 percent.

All assessments are conducted by the university, with exams taking place within the university's examination periods. Examinations will be held at venues arranged by the University of Melbourne. Further details will be supplied closer to the examination dates.

The examinations in all locations will be held at the same times on the same dates. The first semester examinations will be held in late June/early July and the second semester examinations will be held in November. The actual dates will be advised by the university as soon as they have been finalized.

Exam marks are released in accordance with the university's academic calendar, with results posted on the Internet.

Please note:

  • For the purpose of university grades, each subject will be assessed separately. For the purpose of exemption from Part II of the Actuaries Institute exams, examination results from the three subjects will be combined.
  • Exemption will be recommended by the University of Melbourne based on students' university scaled examination results (not the overall mark in APC subjects). To gain the exemption, results must be higher than a specific threshold (the latter varies, it is usually between 70 and 75); results from the three APC subjects are averaged. Note that the overall university mark awarded usually differs from the scaled examination mark used to determine exemption for Actuaries Institute Part II, due to the other forms of assessment in the subject.


Students are encouraged to discuss lecture content with each other and with staff. An Online Tutor will be available through subject web pages, and students may chat informally amongst themselves, or ask special questions of staff.

Staff are also contactable via telephone, email. The preferred method of communication is by email or Online Tutor question.

Subjects offered in Semester 2 2018

Semester 2 application deadline Friday 13th July 2018.

Actuarial Practice and Control II application form

Actuarial Practice and Control III application form

Subjects offered in Semester 1 2019

Actuarial Practice and Control I

Actuarial Practice and Control III

General Insurance Practice


The fee for each subject in Semester 1 2018 is  AUD$4,180.

Please note that in order to obtain exemptions from Part II of the Actuaries syllabus, candidates will be required to pay the required exemption fees to the Actuaries Institute $50 per Institute subject.

Candidates Repeating Subjects

If you sat the Actuarial Practice and Control subjects prior to the current year but did not do well enough to be eligible for an exemption from Part II of the Actuaries Institute syllabus, you may only need to repeat one of the subjects. There may be cases, however, in which it is advisable to repeat more than one. Please contact the Centre for Actuarial Studies if you are unsure what to do.

If you need to repeat APC1, you need to enroll for it in January,February in the calendar year. Please contact the Centre for Actuarial Studies for further details.

Further Information

Distance Education Program Administrator
Level 4 FBE Building 105
The University of Melbourne
111 Barry Street Carlton VIC 3053

Tel: +61 3 8344 5289

Email: econ-actenquiries@unimelb.edu.au