ECON-19: Inside the Corona Crash

ECON-19 goes inside the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll speak with leading experts and economists from the University of Melbourne, to gain a valuable insight into how this virus has caused what might be the biggest economic down turn since the Great Depression, and where we go from here.

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Episode #6 // Reset

In the final episode of ECON-19, we're speaking with one of Australia's leading economists, Professor Ross Garnaut. He takes us through why the pandemic has given us the perfect opportunity for an economic and cultural 'reset'.

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Episode #5 // She-cession

In this episode of ECON-19, we're speaking with Professor Lisa Cameron. She takes us inside how the pandemic and recession have affected women in Australia and abroad, and how some of the solutions that could improve the situation for women might also be the stimulus our economy needs.

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Episode #4 // Trade and Transport

The pandemic has disrupted the movement of people and goods all around the world. In this episode of ECON-19 we're speaking with Dr John Tang, an economic historian. He takes us inside the relationship between pandemics and transit, and how globalisation will be a necessary part of our economic recovery.

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Episode #3 // Out of Work

Loss of work has been one of the pandemic's most immediate economics effects, as businesses and customers alike have gone into lockdown. But has everyone been impacted equally? Or are there some groups more at risk than others? In this episode of ECON-19, Professor Jeff Borland takes us inside the workings of the post-pandemic job market.

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Episode #2 // A Roof Over Our Heads

There are few things as important as keeping a roof over our heads, but for many people these living arrangements aren't very stable. In episode 2 of ECON-19, we speak with Dr Laura Panza, whose research on sharehouses reveals how the effects of the pandemic aren't felt equally.

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Episode #1 // The Big Picture

In Episode 1 of ECON-19 we speak with Professor Chris Edmond about just how a virus can cause a recession, how the government's policy decisions might guide us through, and what a possible recovery might look like.

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