Scheme for supporting FBE new parents

What is SSNP?

The Scheme for Supporting FBE New Parents (SSNP) aims for:

  • Improving the experience (e.g., health, wellbeing, work-life balance, career progression) of FBE staff who are new parents*
  • Effectively attracting and retaining FBE staff
  • Improving gender equality and increasing woman representation among academics
  • Enhancing a culture of diversity and inclusion at work and beyond

SSNP supports FBE new parents under three pillar initiatives:

  • Support/Workshops/Networking
  • Information hub that provides information relating to parental leave and beyond
  • Work relief for FBE academics who are new parents
    • Taken within one year of the birth if the new parent academic does not take parental leave or taken within one year after returning to work following parental leave.

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* A new parent: inclusive of all forms of a new parenthood, e.g., a new parent of an adopted/fostered child, a birth child or a child born through a surrogacy arrangement.