SSNP information session

FBE held an information session on the Scheme for Supporting FBE New Parents (SSNP).

Time and date: 4pm – 5pm on Wednesday 17 April 2024

Aligned with the University D&I agenda and its commitment to the Athena Swan Charter, the implementation of SSNP represents a key enabler for the faculty to achieve our strategic priorities as a trusted leader of D&I. With this Scheme, we aim for:

  • Improving the experience (e.g., health, wellbeing, work-life balance, career progression) of FBE staff taking parental leave
  • Effectively attracting and retaining FBE staff
  • Improving gender equality and increasing woman representation among academics
  • Enhancing a culture of diversity and inclusion at work and beyond

SSNP covers all forms of a new parenthood, e.g., a new parent of an adopted/fostered child, a birth child or a child born through a surrogacy arrangement. The scheme will be formally reviewed at the end of 2028 calendar year.

Further detail can be found at the FBE D&I website

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