FBE/MBSL Deans’ Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Awards

This award category was established in 2022 to recognise and celebrate individuals and groups who have made exceptional contributions to further the strategic objectives of FBE’s diversity and inclusion agenda.

The awards showcase the Faculty’s commitment to promoting and rewarding diversity and inclusion, reaffirming joint EQUIS and AACSB accreditations, aligning with the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), and building awareness of the importance of advancing diversity and inclusion in practice.

Thought Leadership and Intellectual Contribution Award

This award recognises thought leadership and intellectual contribution including (but not limited to):

  • Research to better understand how business education can promote and advance diversity and inclusion;
  • Successful applications for major grants, Linkage Projects or equivalent across diversity and inclusion priority areas;
  • Research that facilitates and supports thought leadership, dialogue/debate among stakeholders, media, civil society organisations, and/or other interested groups; or
  • The development of effective research and/or strategies for engaging with industry and partners and jointly exploring effective approaches to meeting challenges in diversity and inclusion practices.

Awardee: Dr Karinna Saxby (Melbourne Institute) for her research project ‘Keeping Medicare fair: Using administrative data to understand drivers of healthcare inequity in Australia’.

Karinna’s research is on the evaluation of policies and programs, with a large focus on Medicare policy such as Closing the Gap, Safety Net reforms, and incentives payments. Karinna has expertise in inequity in healthcare access.

Dr Karinna Saxby with Prof Ian Harper and Prof Paul Kofman
L to R: Professor Ian Harper, Co-Dean of FBE, Dr Karinna Saxby, and Professor Paul Kofman, Co-Dean of FBE

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award recognises the promotion of diversity and inclusion including (but not limited to):

  • Initiatives aimed at advancing diversity and inclusion internally or externally within communities for priority underserved groups;
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures that promote diversity and inclusion internally or externally;
  • The implementation and/or support for events, programs, initiatives, policies, interventions, or alike, aiming to raise awareness and capability relating to diversity and inclusion; or
  • Demonstration of exceptional leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Awardees: Associate Professor Samuelson Appau and Precious Rametsana (MBSL) for their contributions to the Blue Nile African Australian Business Masterclass Program. The Blue Nile Program is a business training program at the Melbourne Business School designed for African Australian entrepreneurs, working professionals, and leaders of not-for-profit organisations.

A/Prof Samuelson Appau and Precious Rametsana with Prof Ian Harper and Prof Paul Kofman
L to R: A/Professor Samuelson Appau, Professor Ian Harper, Co-Dean of FBE, Precious Rametsana, and Professor Paul Kofman, Co-Dean of FBE

The Awards Selection Committee acknowledges the contributions of the following applicants in advancing the faculty’s D&I practices:

  • A/Professor Andrea Lu, Jess Davey, and Angela Ballard for the organization of the 2023 FIRN(Women) Annual Conference
  • Michelle O’Sullivan for Optimising Respect @MBS