+1 Podcast

The +1 Podcast explores diversity and inclusion in the workplace at the University of Melbourne.

In each episode, host Dr Medo Pournader is joined by a fellow academic as they discuss different topics pertaining to their research, expertise, and personal and professional experiences.

Dr Medo Pournader
Dr Medo Pournader

The first season explores topics like the role lecturers play in fostering an inclusive environment in the classroom, how to intervene to mitigate abuse in the workplace, ageism, gender equity, and what the workplace would look like if disadvantaged, under-represented groups oversaw the models of work.

Dr Medo Pournader is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Management and Marketing and a member of the FBE/MBSL Joint Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Episode #1 // Rethinking organisations from the perspective of diversity and inclusion

In the first episode of the +1 Podcast, Dr Medo Pournader interviews Teagan Donnelly, Head of Innovation at Melbourne Business School (MBS).

They discuss MBS& (an innovation hub within MBS centred on redefining the future of learning and work), her work with the gender equity not-for-profit The 100% Project, the role biases play in artificial intelligence, and how her curiosity and passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion led Teagan to pursue organisational psychology.