Evidence-based insights for sectoral impact

Associate Professor Michelle Evans
Director, Dilin Duwa Centre for Indigenous Business Leadership

Indigenous businesses are vibrant and operate in every sector of the economy.  But very little is known about them.  Our research will bridge this data gap and provide an understanding of the sector, the levers and its impact.

Indigenous Business Sector Snapshot Study

The Snapshot is an ongoing research project that links enterprises on Indigenous business registries to data held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It will enable us to track the industries, revenue, employment outcome and growth of Indigenous businesses.

Indigenous Preferential Procurement Policy Research Project

This project aims to conduct a multi-disciplinary, multi-method evaluation of the implementation and impacts of Indigenous preferential procurement programs (IPPPs) on Indigenous businesses, Indigenous communities, procurers’ operations and outcomes. Bringing together researchers in partnership with corporate and government procurers, Indigenous data custodians and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we aim to produce a significant national program evaluation of IPPPs and the impact at the community level.

The project aims to highlight ways in which IPPPs can be [re]designed to reduce implementation friction, facilitate access and participation among Indigenous businesses and help guarantee positive effects on Indigenous communities.  This project is supported by the Australian Research Council (LP200300898).

Indigenous business case studies

Formal case studies focussing on the Australian Indigenous entrepreneurial experience is lacking in the area of business education. We are completing ten case studies on Indigenous entrepreneurs ranging from community enterprises to multi-million-dollar businesses. These stories will provide rich teaching material that will benefit the entire sector.