A day in the life

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m in the final semester of my Bachelor’s degree (Economics and Finance) with a Concurrent Diploma in Computing.

Today is Monday 1 June 2020 and this week is the last teaching week before our final exams, so there are a lot of assignments due.

My to-do list for today is set, but I do have a few important items, so I need to make a start!

Sam’s To-Do List:

  • Game Design

First off, I’ve a demo session for Game Design and I’m really excited!

My team and I introduced a playable prototype of our digital game. Designing and building a game online does have its challenges - but it felt amazing to see how our final product turned out.

When working on a team project online, I think sharing a Google Drive folder for the group helps to keep track of all the documents that are worked on. Did you know the University of Melbourne provides unlimited storage on Google Drive? Students also have access to a range of Google's G Suite apps, so go check it out!

  • What’s for lunch?

Mondays are quite hectic for me, so I like to have quick lunches. I heated one of the free meal packs I collected from the University's ‘Free meal packs for students’ program. If you live nearby*, the University has teamed up with SecondBite and is providing healthy free meals to support students - all you need to do is register online!

  • Foundations of Algorithms

After lunch, I have a two-hour workshop for my Algorithms subject. We have a project due tomorrow, so I’m using the last hour of the workshop to test boundaries of my code using my own tests. I like to do so to make sure that I pass the hidden tests that they have for the assignment.

  • International Trade Policy

I am only taking one final Commerce subject this semester, which is on International Trade Policy. We have a trade policy essay due on Thursday, so I finalised some questions to ask for the pitstop consultation tomorrow. I like how we can choose our own trade policy issue for any country of our interest. Having to write a paper on a real-world issue helps put the theories I learnt to practice.

And that’s a wrap!

Having ticked off all the items on my to-do list, I decided to call it a day!

I’d usually go to a local gym, but now, I’ve resorted to working out at home following YouTube videos with my friends via video call – this helps motivate me.

And if I have extra time to spare, I’ve jumped on the Animal Crossing bandwagon and will work on developing my island.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Signing off,

*Due to the latest Victorian Government Stage 4 restrictions, you may not be permitted to travel further than 5km from your home for the purposes of collecting these free meals. The University is currently working on confirming arrangements for students who live further than 5km from our meal pick-up locations and will update our website with further information as it becomes available.