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Welcome FBE peer mentors! This hub is a comprehensive toolbox, designed specifically to enhance and support your mentoring journey. Utilise the hub's resources, essential guidance, and event updates to enrich your mentoring sessions.

Resources and Guidance

Find quick tips on peer mentoring with a co-mentor, ice-breakers, and access tools like our room booking guide for streamlined session planning.


Connect to events in the Faculty of Business and Economics that will support and enhance your mentoring experience.

Guidance and Resources

Learn a range of fundamental skills to help foster impactful mentoring relationships, and access the tools to guide you through your sessions


Get the Conversation Started

An easy and concise guide offering effective conversation starters for building a connection with, and amongst your mentees, fostering collaborative and impactful mentoring relationships.

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Supercharge your mentoring

Quick-fire tips with the essentials of delivering successful mentoring sessions with your co-mentor.

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Ice-Breaker Bingo

A simple but enjoyable group game that is a sure ice-breaker, giving you and your mentee group a quick dive into getting to know each other and building rapport .

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Session craft activity packs

After trialing some fun ways for you and your mentees to connect in the last year, we have now put together a crafty tool bag for you to use in your sessions. Look at dates when you can pick up your group's pack in the event section below. Get everyone making fun, expressive collaged badges, grab some snacks, and if you get in early, you may also opt to have your group session at the pick-up location.

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2024 MPMP session guides

To support you running each of your weekly sessions, these stellar guides contain key information and weekly themes to share with your mentees.

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New room booking guide

Previously there were multiple different platforms used to book a space on campus, including Resource Booker and BookIT (for library spaces). The majority of campus spaces are now booked through DiBS.
Information on what the different room booking systems are used for - Booking rooms for your ad-hoc booking or student club activity (unimelb.edu.au)

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FBE student brunches

Bring your mentees along, and enjoy connecting, free snacks and a drink at the FBE Student Brunches.

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Share with, and take your mentees along to events in the Faculty of Business and Economics designed enhance your student experience, and can play a integral part of your session planning

FBE Student Brunches

The FBE Student Brunch series is designed to create a space for you to connect with your FBE community and foster a sense of belonging within your faculty and the University.

Pick up Craft activity packs for your session

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Pick up your group's pack, for your session, complete with tools and some snacks, to get everyone making fun, expressive collaged badges. Return your packs to the same location after your session.

What being a Melbourne Peer Mentor means

  • Eligibility

    To become a peer mentor, you would have met the following criteria:

    • Be a current University of Melbourne student
    • In good academic standing (no academic misconduct or at risk)
    • Able to attend compulsory training and Orientation
    • Able to commit to at least 20 hours of volunteering throughout the year

    Bonus criteria:

    • Experience as a mentor (in MPMP or another program)
    • Experience as a mentee (in MPMP or another program)
    • Participation in extra-curricular activities
    • Clubs/societies membership
  • Time commitment

    As a peer mentor, you will be committed to approximately 20 hours of volunteering, including:

    • Receiving training and development to build your skills and networks
    • Leading five group sessions for your mentees with a co-mentor
    • Maintaining regular contact with your mentees between sessions
    • Actively promote and attend program social events throughout the semester
    • Providing feedback via surveys and focus groups as required
  • The perks
    • You get to help new students find their feet in the first few months of their university journey
    • Gain leadership training and experience and an opportunity to grow and learn about yourself as a person
    • Become eligible for the  Melbourne Plus program digital credential and demonstrate your People Leadership to future employers
    • Develop your interpersonal, communication and group facilitation skills
    • Make new friends and meet new people from a variety of backgrounds
    • Gain a deeper understanding of cultural differences and diversity

Being part of the Melbourne Peer Mentor Program has been one of the highlights of my time in the university. Through the program, I have been able to grow both professionally and socially and inspire the incoming university students. My team had lot of fun taking part in the GooseChase Challenges and this helped us get closer to each other. The workshops offered by the Student Life team have helped me become a better mentor. I strongly believe that this program has helped students navigate various challenges as they continue to live, work and study in Melbourne.

- Jenslie George, BCom student

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Your Student Life team is here to ensure you have all the information you need to make the most out of your mentoring journey in the Faculty of Business and Economics.

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