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The Accounting Podcast Series (TAPS), hosted by Associate Professor Albie Brooks, explores the accounting research output of the University of Melbourne and our distinguished visitors. We delve into innovations and developments in our teaching program, and provide commentary on issues of the day in accounting in bite-sized episodes perfect for your commute.

Season 5, 2023

Episode Release dateGuestTopic
1 14 April 2023 Dr Stu Black, The University of Melbourne and Alon Ellis, Deloitte The Impact of AI and Cloud Computing on Business Models
223 June 2023Mr Tom Ravlic, investigative journalistAccounting, corporate governance and journalism: insights from the trenches
315 September 2023Mr Pat McLay, EY Oceania Financial Accounting Advisory Services Managing PartnerSome reflections on the audit, accounting and consultancy industry

Season 4, 2022

Episode Release dateGuestTopic
1 28 January 2022 Ms Laura Youngson, Ida Sports and Equal Playing Field A World of Firsts: The Entrepreneurial Pursuits of Laura Youngson
2 29 April 2022 Mr Gunther Burghardt, formerly Blackmores Group A Journey to CFO:  How Accounting and Finance Get a Seat at the Strategic Table
3 23 November 2022 Assistant Professor Carolyn Deller, University of Pennsylvania Contemporary management accounting: an emerging career and issues
4 16 December 2022 Ms Nikole Gyles, AASB A Diverse Career in Accounting with a Focus on Standard Setting

Season 3, 2021

Episode Release dateGuestTopic
1 22 January 2021 Ms Sarah Richards, Marrawuy Journeys and PwC Indigenous Consulting Raising the Profile and Benefits of Accounting in Indigenous Communities
2 27 April 2021 Professor Anne Lillis, The University of Melbourne Career Reflections and Opportunities in Management Accounting Research and Teaching
3 7 September 2021 Mr Peter Jess, PJA Accountants The Interplay Between Accounting, Sport, and Player Management

Season 2, 2020

Episode Release dateGuestTopic
1 29 April 2020 Mr Andrew Williams, Swisse Wellness In the Field with Andrew Williams
2 22 May 2020 Mr Patrick Ferguson, Harvard Business School The World of Sport Analytics and Accounting
3 2 October 2020 Professors Ian Gow and Michael Davern, The University of Melbourne COVID-Normal and the Future of Accounting
4 16 December 2020 Mr Noel Boys, Mr Warren McKeown, Ms Joana Liong, and Ms Demi Wang, The University of Melbourne The Transition to Online Teaching and Learning in First-Year Accounting

Season 1, 2019

Episode Release dateGuestTopic
1 10 May 2019 Professor Gary Biddle, The University of Melbourne How Accountants Shape Civilisations and the Nature of Accountability
2 13 May 2019 Professor Michael Davern, The University of Melbourne Ethical Issues Associated with the Management of Big Data
3 13 May 2019 Professor Mary Barth, Stanford University The Evolution of, and Challenges for, Financial Accounting and Standard Setting
4 12 July 2019 Professor Naomi Soderstrom, The University of Melbourne Environmental and Sustainability Issues in Accounting
5 20 September 2019 Mr Sujay Nair, The University of Melbourne Leadership, Non-Financial Rewards, and Performance
6 20 November 2019 Ms Mary Clarke, DXP Consulting
Dr Sarah Yang Spencer, The University of Melbourne
Accounting Education into the Future

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