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Martin Weisner

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Melbourne Accounting Research Seminar

Associate Professor Tawei (David) Wang from DePaul University will present a MARS seminar.

Topic: The Invisible Risk: The Data-sharing Activities of Data Brokers and Information Leakage

Abstract: Data brokers are the major players in the market of collecting, selling, and sharing user information. This paper considers data brokers’ data sharing activities as a co-opetition between data brokers and investigates how the information collecting and sharing activities may lead to information leakage on the dark web. We further examine whether the data broker registration law can deter such relationship. Using all the registered data brokers and their competitors as the sample, we find that data brokers’ co-opetition data sharing activities are positively related to information leakage on the dark web. In addition, the unregistered data brokers have higher information leakage compared to the registered data brokers. Our study provides an initial evidence on the consequences of data brokers’ data sharing activities and the potential effect of the new regulations.

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