The Future of Accounting – Technology Demystified

Theatre 230, Level 2
Kwong Lee Dow Building
234 Queensberry St
University of Melbourne


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Sarah Yang Spencer

Integrated Accounting Studies (ACCT90033)

  • Will blockchain change accounting?
  • In what ways are artificial intelligence and robotic process automation transforming business processes?
  • How can accountants lead the way in protecting their organisations against cybercrime?
  • How can data science help accountants to become better strategic thinkers and communicators?
  • How can early-career professionals best prepare themselves for the new world of accounting?

These are just some of the questions we will be seeking to answer at the Future of Accounting – Technology Demystified symposium, a special event for Integrated Accounting Studies (IAS) students from the Master of Management (Accounting) and Master of Management (Accounting and Finance) programs.

A distinguished panel of industry experts have been invited to present their unique insights on the emerging trends that are impacting the profession, and then join us in an interactive Q&A session led by our facilitator, Mr Andrew Lewinsky. A network event will be held after the symposium.

The event is open to any alumni, academics, or university stakeholders that would like to attend and is presented by the Department of Accounting at the University of Melbourne.

Registration is required for this event. Click here to register.