CPA Annual Research Lecture

The CPA Australia - University of Melbourne Annual Research Lecture

The CPA Australia - University of Melbourne Annual Research Lecture is acknowledged, among the university's many disciplines and extensive public programs, as its longest-running continuous annual research-lecture series. The operative word is ‘continuous’. The few lecture series with longer histories have all experienced hiatuses at some stage, whereas since its inception in 1940, the annual accounting research lecture has been held without fail, a tribute to the commitment of the key personnel in the two organisations. What has now emerged is that it is almost certainly the world’s most-enduring annual accounting lecture series. Thus the lecturers over the years, together with the university and CPA Australia (and its forerunner bodies), can consider themselves as joint ‘world record holders’.

(Extract from Wisdom from the Podium A History of the CPA Australia - University of Melbourne Annual Research Lecture by Geoff Burrows (Melbourne University Publishing, 2008, page 1).

Wisdom from the Podium by Geoff Burrows

Annual Research Lectures Endowed by CPA Australia:

2023Michael Davern, The University of MelbourneProfessional Judgment: Accounting Value(s) and Data in the AI Era
2022Sue Lloyd,  International Sustainability Standards BoardEstablishment of a global baseline of sustainability disclosures for capital markets
2021Anne Lillis, The University of MelbourneRewarding What You Can Count, or Rewarding What Counts – What Firms do to Mitigate Adverse Incentive-Driven Behaviour

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2020 Stephen Taylor, University of Technology SydneyRegulating the Auditors: Evidence or Intuition?

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2019 Vernon Richardson, University of ArkansasAct or Be Acted Upon: Revolutionizing Accounting with Data Analytics
2018 Gary Biddle, The University of MelbourneAccount-ability: How Accountants Shape Civilisations
2017 Andrew Greaves, Victorian Auditor-GeneralMeasuring and Reporting Performance in the Public Sector
2016 Shane Dikolli, The University of VirginiaLeading Indicators of Business Outcomes Based on Stakeholder Actions, Speech and Text
2015 Brendan O'Connell, RMIT UniversityShaping the Future of Accounting in Business Education in Australia
2014 Sir David Tweedie, IFAC Changing the Image of the Profession
2013 W. Robert Knechel, University of FloridaThe Future of Auditing: Is the Profession Sustainable?
2012 Naomi Soderstrom, The University of MelbourneSustainability Reporting: Past, Present, and Trends for the Future
2011 Annette Kimmitt, EY and Adam Wood, EY The Sustainability of the Audit Profession: A Practitioner's Perspective
2010 Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, Rutgers Business SchoolThe Coming of Age of Continuous Auditing
2009 Mary Barth, Stanford University Accounting Research and Global Financial Reporting
2008 Roger Simnett, UNSW The Impact of Carbon Emission Trading on Auditing and Assurance Standards Setting
2007 Stewart Leech, The University of Melbourne The Use and Misuse of Intelligent Systems in Accounting - The Risk of Technology Dominance
2006 Kevin Stevenson AM, Stevenson McGregor Fair Value - The Right Measurement Basis?
2005 Donald Crumbley, Louisiana State University Corporate Fraud and Financial Abuse - The Current and Future Role of Forensic Accounting
2004 Shannon W. Anderson, Harvard University Performance Measurement and Management in Service Industries - How are Customer Satisfaction, Operations, Revenue, and Costs Related?
2003 J. Francis, Maastricht University Audit Quality and Corporate Governance Post-Enron
2002 David G. Boymal AM, EY Accounting in Australia - In Turmoil, In Denial or Under Control?
2001 Steve Sutton, University of Central Florida The Impact of Technology on the Future of Accounting and Auditing
2000 Philip Brown, The University of Western Australia Politics, Processes and the Future of Australian Accounting Standards

Annual Research Lectures Endowed by the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants:

1999 Russell Lundholm, University of British Columbia Reporting on the Past - A New Approach to Improving Accounting Today
1998 Peter D. Easton, University of Notre Dame The Use of Financial Accounts for Corporate Valuation Purposes
1997 W. Peter Day, Lumina Ltd The Future for Accounting Standards in Australia
1996 Keith Houghton, The University of Melbourne Opportunistic Accounting Policy Choice and Distressed Companies - A Nightmare for the Profession?
1995 Margaret Abernethy AM, The University of Melbourne Health Care in Victoria
1994 Barry H. Spicer, The University of Auckland Experiments in Corporatization - Insights from the Transitions of New Zealand State-Owned Enterprises
1993 Warren P. Hogan, University of Technology Sydney Market Value Accounting in the Finance Sector
1992 Ken T. Trotman, The University of New South Wales The Impact of Analytical Review Research on Audit Practice
1991 Robert E.G. Nicol, The University of Melbourne The Dividend Puzzle - An Australian Solution
1990 Keith Houghton, The University of Melbourne Business Failure - Symptoms and Solutions

Annual Research Lectures Endowed by the Australian Society of Accountants

1989 Bernard Marks, The University of Melbourne The Corporate Tax Labyrinth - Simplicity and Complexity
1988 Ron Weber, The University of Queensland Paradise Lost? Information Technology and the Accounting Profession
1987 Robert H. Chenhall, Monash University Management Accounting - The Research Challenge
1986 Richard G. Humphry, Australian Stock Exchange Forces for Change in the Public Sector Resourse Management - The Role of Accountants
1985 Jean St G. Kerr, The University of Melbourne Owners' Equity - Concept and Practice
1984 Malcolm C. Miller, The University of New South Wales The Direction and Structure of Financial Reporting in Australia - Learning from the Accomplishments and Failure in the US
1983 T.J. Valentine The Financing Factor and Company Financing - Campbell and After
1982 Robert R. Officer Valuation Problems in an Inflationary Environment
1981 D.R. Rickard Perceptions of Profit
1980 D. Steele Craik A Perspective in Government Auditing - Past, Present and Future
1979 F.K. Wright Is There a Science of Cash Management?
1978 Murray C. Wells, The University of Sydney Is it Futile to Impose Accounting Standards?
1977 John D. Balmford Accounting Standards - Development and Prospects Since 1972
1976 W. Winiata Developments in International Finance
1975 M.S. Henderson The Management of Liabilities
1974 R.C. Clift Accounting Information and the Capital Market
1973 M.S. Cohen Publication of Financial Forecasts
1972 S.A. Zeff Forging Accounting Principles in Australia
1971 G.W. Beck Accountants - As Others See Us
1970 Philip Brown, The University of Western Australia Those Half-Yearly Reports
1969 Louis Goldberg Company Auditors Reports - Some Aspects of their Function in Communication
1968 G.G. Meredith Analysis of Capital Investments Under Risk and Uncertainty
1967 Reginald S. Gynther Accounting for Price Changes Theory and Practice
1966 B.J. McMahon The Effects of EDP on Accounting in Victoria
1965 W.J. Stewart The Measurement and Reporting of Company Performance
1964 John McBain Grant The Cost of Capital
1963 A.D. Barton Company Takeovers in Australia, 1953-1963
1962 K.B. Stonier The Influence of Electronic Data Processing upon the Accountants, Accounting Thought and Practice
1961 E.B. Smyth Profitability and the Conventional Applications of the Rate of Return Concept
1960 T.R. Johnston The Role of Financial Reporting in a Partially Controlled Economy
1959 R.K. Yorston Reporting Financial Information to Employees
1958 Louis Goldberg Assumptions in Discussion on Depreciation
1957 R.J. Chambers The Implications of Asset Revaluations and Bonus Share Issues
1956 R.L. Mathews Government Actions and Social Accounting
1955 W.J. Vatter The Fund Theory of Accounting
1954 S.R. Brown Accounting and the Law
1953 M.E. Murphy Correlation of Accounting and Economics

Annual Research Lectures Endowed by the Commonwealth Institute of Accountants

1952 K.C. Keown Working Capital and Its Importance in Company Finance
1951 R.L. Mathews New Horizons in Accounting
1950 R.J. Chambers Relationship between Accounting and Financial Management
1949 F.S. Bray Social Accounting
1948 L.A. Braddock Accounting Profits and Taxable Income
1947 Ronald A. Irish Evolution of Corporate Accounting
1946 W.D. Scott Differential Costs
1945 A.A. Fitzgerald Theory and Practice in Accounting for Commodity Stocks
1944 N.S. Young Matching of Costs and Income
1943 L.A. Schumer Revaluation of Cost Accounting
1942 J.A.L. Gunn On the Margin of Accountancy
1941 A. Clunies Ross Accounting Concepts in Australian Legislation
1940 A.A. Fitzgerald Field for Research in Accountancy


Wisdom from the Podium A History of the CPA Australia - University of Melbourne Annual Research Lecture by Geoff Burrows (Melbourne University Publishing, 2008).

Several lectures were summarised in “Insights” published by the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne under the editorship of Joe Isaac and more recently, Geoff Burrows.  These articles are as follows:

2007 Stewart Leech, The use and misuse of intelligent systems in accounting: the risk of technology dominance. Insights Vol. 4 (November 2008): pp. 37–41.

2009 Mary Barth, Research that Informs the standard-setting process. Insights Vol. 7 (April 2010): pp. 37–43.

2010 Miklos Vasarhelyi, The coming age of continuous assurance. Insights Vol. 9 (April 2011): pp. 23–29.

2011 Annette Kimmitt and Adam Wood, The sustainability of the audit profession: a practitioner’s perspective. Insights Vol. 11 (April 2012): pp. 13–19.

2012 Naomi Soderstrom, Sustainability reporting: past, present and trends for the future. Insights Vol. 13 (April 2013): pp. 31–37.

2013 W. Robert Knechel, Audit quality and regulation. Insights Vol. 15 (April 2014): pp. 66–72.

2014 David Tweedie, Changing the image of the profession: economic reality in accounting and the increasing value of the audit. Insights Vol., 17 (June 2015):  pp. 5–13.

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