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Criteria for the award

Membership of the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame may be awarded to Australian accountants who have served with exceptional distinction in any field of accounting (such as public practice, business/industry, academia, the not-for-profit sector or the public sector) judged by the Nominations Review Panel to have made an exceptional and distinguished contribution to accounting in Australia and/or overseas; or non-Australians who, whilst working in Australia, have made such a contribution.

Examples of contributions:

  • Exceptional and distinguished service to professional accounting
  • Achieved wide-ranging recognition as an authority in a field of accounting
  • Exceptional and distinguished contribution to accounting research, literature or education



  • A nomination can be submitted by an individual, group of individuals or organisation
  • Membership can be awarded posthumously
  • Nominations are to be submitted annually
  • Nominations are accepted via:
    • email submission to, or
    • postal submission (registered or tracked) to:
      Australian Accounting Hall of Fame
      Level 7, 198 Berkeley Street
      The University of Melbourne Victoria 3010

      Postal submissions must be accompanied by email notification to with tracking number included
  • Nomination period is from 1 August to 23 October 2023

Re-nomination option (roll-over)

Any nomination previously submitted that was unsuccessful can be resubmitted for consideration in any subsequent year on written instructions from the initial nominator(s).

The written request may be in letter or email format. Pages 1 to 3 of the current Nomination Form must be completed and sent with the re-nomination request.

It is not necessary to obtain permissions from the nominee again or to include previous attachments, however new supporting material may be added.

Nomination Process

The official nomination form must be used. All sections must be completed and signed as required.  Detailed information will assist greatly with the selection process. Nominations must be submitted electronically in Word or PDF format. From 2023, we are unable to accept posted submissions due to the unreliable nature of the postal system.

As each individual nomination is considered alongside other nominations in what is essentially a competitive process, the Nominations Review Panel will benefit from a clear statement of the nominee's achievements and advice as to how they fulfill the criteria of distinguished contribution.

It should not be assumed that the Nominations Review Panel has a detailed knowledge of the individual concerned nor the area in which the nominee has worked. It is therefore imperative that the best possible case is made to substantiate the claim for membership.

Nominator details are not provided to the Nominations Review Panel.  To ensure anonymity any reference to the nominator must not be included in supporting documentation.

Nominations must be submitted via email by the close of nominations (see relevant dates above). Any material received after this time will not be included for review by the Nominations Review Panel.

The nomination packs should be no more than 25 pages in total length including the form itself; any packs which exceed this length will have pages 26 onwards deleted. Should the nomination be successful, a citation will be produced for inclusion in the membership folder and a biopic prepared for inclusion in the brochure produced on the awards night.

Selection process

The Nominations Review Panel determines, by preferential ballot, individuals eligible to be inducted into the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame. The Centre for Accounting and Industry Partnerships reserves the right to determine the total number of inductees in any one year. Centre staff will process the electronic voting. Directors of the Centre for Accounting and Industry Partnerships retain responsibility for verifying the vote and certifying successful nominations. The meeting at which the selections are endorsed is overseen by an independent person who will monitor due process.

No order is attributed to the successful nominees in any one year as all new members will be inducted into the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame on an equal footing.