Frequently Asked Questions

How many nominations can I submit?

You may submit nominations for as many candidates as you wish. However, it is important that you submit a separate Nomination Form for each nominee.

Who can submit a nomination?

Candidates may be nominated by an individual, group of individuals or organisation.

How do I know you have received my nomination?

Upon receipt of the nomination application, the nominator will receive confirmation via e-mail or post.

How will nominees be notified that they have been selected for the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame?

Recipients, or their representatives, will be contacted via email, telephone or letter, notifying them of their selection into the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame.

Can I nominate myself?

Nominations are typically made on behalf of a nominee; however, you can nominate yourself for the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame.

Is there a fee to nominate a candidate for the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame?

There are no costs involved in submitting a nomination to the Hall of Fame.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the guidelines or nomination form?

Please contact us at

Where do I send the Nomination Form and support material?


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