About the award


Accounting in Australia has a long and distinguished heritage. From the early years of European settlement to the present day, accountants and accounting have played important roles as the country pursued economic and social advancement.

While the influence of accounting is readily observable in the early years of the colony, Australian accounting's evolution as an organised field of endeavour dates from the late 19th Century, consistent with developments elsewhere in the world. The foundation of the Adelaide Society of Accountants in 1885 is the seminal event in this history.

The commencement in 1909 at the University of Adelaide of a course of instruction in accounting within the Diploma of Commerce was the first of what is now a formidable list of accounting programs that have educated and continue to prepare generations of accountants for the practising profession, industry and government service.

The granting of a Royal Charter to the Australasian Corporation of Public Accountants that lead to the establishment in 1928 of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and the later amalgamation of the Commonwealth Institute of Accountants, Federal Institute of Accountants and the Association of Accountants in Australia to form the Australian Society of Accountants in 1952, were crucial events in professionalisation of accounting in the 20th Century. Arguably the maturation process continues to this day.

Throughout this long and distinguished history there have been many individuals whose achievements, both alone and in combination with others, have been significant and whose impact on the discipline has been profound. The Australian Accounting Hall of Fame seeks to identify and recognise these individuals and their contributions.

The Award

The Australian Accounting Hall of Fame honours and celebrates distinguished accounting practitioners and academics.

An embossed leather bi-fold folder bearing the University of Melbourne’s crest and the title ‘Australian Accounting Hall of Fame’ holding the citation and certificate is awarded to each inductee in recognition of their inclusion into membership of the Hall of Fame.

The award will be made in person or to the representative of the recipient.

Colin Ferguson Oration

The Colin Ferguson Oration is a tangible means by which the Australian Accounting Hall of Fame, through intellectual discourse and knowledge dissemination, seeks to foster and strengthen the links between academia, the profession and the wider business community. At the time of the annual recognition of new members, a distinguished accountant is invited to deliver a lecture on a topic that contributes, in a tangible way, to that objective.

Colin Ferguson Orators

2024 Associate Professor Brad Potter, University of Melbourne
2023 Emeritus Professor Ron Weber, University of Queensland
2022 Mr Bill Edge, AUASB
2021 Professor Sharon Lewin,  The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity