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Researchers across the University of Melbourne are working together to advance our understanding of gender in the workplace. Gathering and analysing data, and consulting with organisations and industry bodies, our academics provide insights and thought leadership around issues such as; diversity and inclusion, talent management, discrimination and harassment, and workplace culture. Their work is advancing workplace practice and informing government policy and has been widely published in academic journals.

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  1. Professor Margaret Abernethy

    Sir Douglas Copland Chair of Commerce

    Management Accounting

    • Corporate governance: Board quality, CEO succession
    • Executive compensation
    • Performance measurement
    • Management control system design

    Department of Accounting

    +61 3 834 47655

  2. Professor Susan Ainsworth

    Organisation Studies

    • Organisational discourse analysis and identity
    • Age and gender in employment and organisations
    • Identity and public policy
    • Human resource management and ethics

    Department of Management and Marketing

    +61 3 9035 5639

  3. Associate Professor Victoria Baranov

    Associate Professor of Economics


    • Development
    • Behavioural Economics
    • Health Economics
    • Psychology and Economics
    • Applied Microeconomics
  4. Dr Barbara Broadway

    Senior Research Fellow

    • Early childhood development
    • Intergenerational disadvantage
    • Household finance
    • Labour supply issues tied to sub-populations (e.g. women, Indigenous Australians, medial workforce)
    • Social and tax policy as it relates to work incentives,
    • Workforce participation and dynamics
  5. Professor Lisa Cameron

    Professorial Fellow
    Program Coordinator

    • Criminalisation of sex-work
    • Gender inequality in labour markets
    • Health services access
    • Impact of cash transfers on child development
    • Sanitation impacts on child health
    • Wellbeing of people living with a disability
    • Early childhood development
  6. Professor Nisvan Erkal

    Professor of Economics


    • Experimental Economics
    • Industrial Organization

    Department of Economics

    +61 3 8344 3307

  7. Professor Guyonne Kalb

    Program Director

    • Labour supply with a focus on female labour force participation
    • Impact of social policy on labour supply
    • Impact of tax and transfer policies on labour supply
    • Parental leave and family policies
    • Impact of childcare and early childhood development
    • Effects of disadvantage on child development
    • Individual health outcomes
    • Healthcare workforce and the labour market
  8. Dr Maria Recalde

    Senior Lecturer


    • Experimental Economics
    • Behavioral Economics
    • Public Economics
    • Development
  9. Dr Victoria Roberts


    Organisation Studies

    Department of Management and Marketing

    +61 3 8344 2123

  10. Dr Victor Sojo

    Senior Lecturer


    • Organisational diversity management
    • Gender equality
    • Workplace discrimination
    • Occupational health and wellbeing
    • Leadership

    Department of Management and Marketing

    +61 3 9035 3553