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Change doesn't stop here

In the more than 100 years since the first International Women’s Day, great strides have been made toward gender equality.

But in almost every corner of the world, there are still women facing adversity today.

Hear from Business and Economics researchers on the work they’re doing to drive further change - collaborating with industry, government and policy makers around the globe to implement evidence-based solutions. Click the headings below to learn more.

Real problems. Real research. Real Solutions.

Time to Reform Australia's Unfair Family Support Systems

Dr Barbara Broadway is a Senior Research Fellow at the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economics and Social Research, where she specialises on the effects of social security systems and other labour market institutions on labour supply, with a focus on women and mothers as well as older workers and workers with disabilities.

Changing the environments that give rise to gender differences at work

Dr Maria Recalde is an Economics Lecturer at the University of Melbourne. She uses experimental and behavioural economics to understand how others influence our choices and the effect this has on the economy.

Flexible work arrangements can only support women if they are available to everyone

Dr Jordy Meekes is a Research Fellow at the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research. His research is in applied microeconomics at the intersection of labour economics with urban, regional and housing economics.

The majority of modern slaves are women and girls

Dr Michal Carrington is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and a consumer behaviour expert. She has collaborated with the UK Government to understand how consumers perceive and interact with modern slavery and the goods and services it produces.

What's keeping women out of work?

Dr Diana Contreras Suarez is a Research Fellow at the Melbourne Institute. With her colleague, Prof Lisa Cameron, she has studied labour force data to figure out why there are fewer women in work in Indonesia than you might expect. Their recommendations have been taken up by the Indonesian government.

Combating sexual abuse in the workplace

Dr Victor Sojo is a Lecturer in Leadership and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Workplace Leadership. He works with organisations and government to implement evidence-based solutions to end workplace sexual harassment.

The power of treating maternal depression in developing countries

Dr Victoria Baranov is a Senior Lecturer in Economics. She's worked to evaluate the long-term impacts of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for mothers with perinatal depression in rural Pakistan. She's found that CBT contributes positively to women’s economic empowerment.

Fixing the gender gap in STEM

Prof A. Abigail Payne is Director of the Melbourne Institute and Ronald Henderson Professor. Working with a colleague in the US, she analysed Canadian data to find out why fewer women take STEM courses at university. She found we need to look closely at what's going on in high school.