Video Services

The WCLA offers video services to help support teaching in the FBE

We provide video support services to enhance academics teaching practice.  Academics can approach the WCLA to utilise any of the following recording services...

  • Class/Lecture Recording  

The WCLA offers a class/lecture recording service to support academic's self-evaluation of their teaching practice.  All videos are only provided to the individual academic for self-evaluation purposes and not re-distributed.

  • Instructional Video

The WCLA can help create an instructional video of a lecture exercise or practical example to save lecture time and communicate succinctly complex concepts.

  • Support self-produced videos

The WCLA can provide advice and support for academics to create their own video content.

  • Use of WCLA equipment and services

Self-recording using the WCLA's seminar room equipment is also available for academics seeking to engage in their own recordings and editing.

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