Tutor Training

A practical and useful program for all tutors, focusing on teaching principles, active engagement, practice, peer observation, targeted workshops and the experiences of senior tutors.

Tutoring in Business and Economics is a compulsory program for all new tutors from the Finance, Accounting, Economics, and Management & Marketing departments.

Successful completion of all components of the program is required for continued employment as a tutor with the Faculty of Business and Economics.  The program has a developmental emphasis with a core focus on equipping tutors with practical skills and knowledge of effective teaching.

Program Aims

  • Help new tutors to develop knowledge of good practice approaches in teaching and learning in higher education contexts;
  • Provide new tutors with individualized feedback on their teaching and to support them in their development as tutors;
  • Equip new tutors with practical skills on how to enhance student learning and engagement within and outside of the classroom; and
  • Provide a forum for new tutors to share their experiences and to gain practical insights from experienced department tutors.

Semester 1 2017 was the first time the Tutoring in Business and Economics (TBE) program was rolled out in its current format for all new tutors in the Faculty.  In total, 62 new tutors successfully completed the program (90% completion rate).

In addition to attending and participating in a range of seminars and skill-based workshops during the semester, participants also engaged in peer mentoring where they were paired with experienced tutors from the Faculty. With the support of 23 experienced FBE tutors, 138 tutorial observations were conducted which provided new tutors with individualised developmental feedback.

One of the participants says that “having someone who had seen how I specifically deliver tutoring in my specific context with specific students was absolutely invaluable.  My peer mentor offered me advice which I would directly and immediately reflect upon, since the peer mentor was physically present at my tutorial”.

Contact details

The WCLA is located at Level 6, FBE Building, 111 Barry St Carlton VIC 3053.

New tutors will be contacted by the coordinator with details of the program. If you have any queries, please email: fbe-wcla-tutoring@unimelb.edu.au