COVID19 Support Resources: Transitioning your teaching online

This page provides a range of resources to help academics transition their teaching online given the access difficulties faced by UoM students around the globe.

As we work towards increasing our preparedness as a faculty for Semester 2, the WCLA has put together the following framework to help academics to get started. We recommend that academics follow the ‘Steps to Action in July’. These steps have been informed from the lessons learnt from the feedback that
we gathered across Semester 1.

Download a hyperlinked PDF here

  • Access the WCLA Online Helpline

    The WCLA is offering an online helpline for staff who would like assistance with their transition to online teaching this semester. Whether you are having assessment design challenges, zoom issues, tutorial, seminar or workshop engagement challenges, and so forth, the team is there to help you. Please email to use for this service. Available 9-5pm Mon-Fri, 11-1; 3-5 Sat-Sun and AH on Wed.

  • WCLA academics are also available to be contactable directly. They will be able to provide the following support:

Exams and Assessments

Transitioning your teaching online

Supporting Well-being