Good Teaching Series

The Good Teaching Series showcases innovative teaching practices used by our academics to better engage with students and better teach. Read more and get inspired!

Max checks for student understanding during lectures.

Maggie Singorahardjo and Sarah Taylor collaborate to develop best practice for tutors.

Dr Gamze Koseoglu uses experiential learning to engage students.

Dr Daejeong Choi shares his insights on using simulation to promote group learning and reflection.

Dr Franz Wohlgezogen drives postgraduate conversation with a 'warm up case' and dynamic lecturing technique

Associate Professor Jenny Lye and Joe Hirschberg provide students with tech skills and thereby free up tutorial time.

Matt Dyki uses responsive technology in accounting to keep students on track.

Dr Michal Carrington uses 'War Games' simulations to support group work and assessment.

Associate Professor Sean Pinder resorts to Think-Aloud Paired Problem-Solving or TAPPS so students stay focused and build a sense of community.

Valerie Cotronei-Baird, Dr Martin Weisner and Matt Dyki discuss embedding employability skills into assessment practice

Shala Ahmed, Feedback techniques help to develop graduate attributes