Using Technology to Teach

The use of Internet tools and technology resources as ways of improving the engagement in delivery is a common phenomenon in teaching and learning.

The most important factor towards improvement is the understanding that the use of technology and/or Internet tools will not automatically improve the delivery of the subject as well as the learning occurring in the subject – how the tools are used is key to improvements and ultimately successes.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is course design method where face to face delivery strategies are combined with online delivery strategies.This method aims to use the best of both strategies to provide an enhanced learning experience based on the learner population, subject content and overall context of the course.

What is the Flipped Classroom Method?

The Flipped Classroom can be implemented in many ways, but the core principle involves the delivery of direct instruction to be taken outside of the classroom. whilst the practice and application takes place within the classroom. The originators state that Flipped Classroom overlaps with blended learning and m-learning and state that the method focuses on how best to use the in-class time with learners .

Is there a Difference between Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom?

There is a clear difference between both designs. Flipped classrooms do not necessarily have to use technology to deliver the instruction outside of the class. The originators use the direct delivery of content as a method outside of the class as a way for the learners to get the knowledge before coming to class. Only then is the knowledge activated through active participation in exercises, etc. Blended Learning always involves technology at some instance. The material delivered online is not replaced by face to face materials and vice versa; both modes work together to create one learning environment that is complementary to the content’s delivery strategy.

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