Graduate Subject Development Grant Scheme for 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As part of the internal and TALQAC reviews of the Master of Management suite of programs and the Master of International Business, several priorities and developments were put forward. One of these was the introduction of a strategic and targeted grant scheme to significantly improve delivery effectiveness and reach at the graduate level. Please find the details for a targeted grant scheme below. Guidelines and the required forms are attached.

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Professor Angela Paladino
Professor of Marketing and Director, Williams Centre for Learning Advancement 

Focus of the Scheme

This funding call, supported by the Deputy Dean (MBS), is targeted to academics teaching subjects in the Master of Management/Master of International Business (MM/MIB). The focus of this call for funding is on the development of innovative ideas and applications that will transform the foundation semester for the MM and MIB programs. The intention is that this will build on the new 2021 boot camp experience (which applies online and on campus elements) afforded to students to allow them to be immersed in innovative experiences and prepare them for graduate studies. The primary (although not sole) market are students from non-cognate backgrounds. Those seeking more information about the current foundation subjects and overall plans for the MM/MIB are encouraged to contact Prof. Nasser Spear at

While most of FBE’s graduate subjects remain focused on the face-to-face market, FBE is extending its reach towards developing blended and online offerings. This scheme recognises the additional support that academics require to make this transition. Quality applications are sought that focus on improving and innovating ‘Design’, ‘Delivery’ and ‘Assessment’ elements of graduate subjects including foundation semesters.

Funding Details

The grants are expected to fund teaching assistance support to contribute to design and delivery change, but not to fund teaching relief or travel costs. Hardware/equipment purchases are also excluded to ensure consistency with other grant schemes for the faculty. Teams are expected to be interdisciplinary and work across departments. Grants of up to $15,000 are available to academics.  These are intended to assist academic staff to pilot a teaching innovation or to develop innovative teaching materials in the subjects for which they are responsible.


Funding is available to all full-time or fractional full-time academic staff in FBE (Level A and above). Level E academics are encouraged to involve early career researchers (ECRs) in their project. Only FTE academics are eligible to apply as chief investigators. Applications are assessed on a competitive basis by the Faculty Teaching Awards Committee. There will be only one round of funding and as such, grants will be awarded for one year only. Grants will be awarded for new initiatives only and not for deficit financing of existing work. The funding will be dispersed in November 2019, for use in 2020. Projects are expected to be completed by November 2020.


The objective of the grants is to provide financial support to facilitate the development of the new foundation experience that will lead to a significant change in subject innovation and/or delivery (pedagogy or curriculum development. Guidelines for the award of grants are attached.


Assistance in applying for these grants is available from the Williams Centre for Learning Advancement. Anyone contemplating a grant application which involves web-tools or multi-media are encouraged to discuss their plans with a member of the WCLA (see:

Due Date

Applications should be lodged as one pdf file by 5pm on 2 December 2019. Please send applications to:

More Information

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