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Rethinking assessment and academic integrity in business education

Today’s business schools require robust assessment practices that are explicitly aligned with desired outcomes to drive student learning and help students self-evaluate their progress. Rethinking the design, purpose, validity and authenticity of assessment can ensure that it provides a reliable measure of student progress. For example, authentic assessment which uses real-world tasks to evaluate students’ professional knowledge, skills and competencies is one strategy for improving the relevance and impact of assessment for students in business disciplines. At the same time, issues such as academic integrity provide challenges to ensuring trustworthy assessment processes. Contract cheating, ‘ghost’ written essays, plagiarism, and collusion put extra pressures on the business educator.

This symposium will feature thought-provoking presentations and interactive activities which will provide opportunities to explore these issues and to develop strategies to improve and support effective assessment practices in FBE.

The symposium will address questions such as:

  • How can we better align assessments with what students need to achieve?
  • How can we improve assessment practices to foster assessment of and for learning?
  • What forms of authentic assessment can be used to prepare students for real-world business settings?
  • How can assessment design help to minimise or prevent threats to academic integrity?

This year the WCLA is proud to host Professor Phil Hancock as our keynote speaker. Phil is Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education at the University of Western Australia. Phil was chair of the working party which in 2010 developed threshold accounting learning standards for all Bachelor and Master graduates in Australia. He also chaired the working party that revised the learning standards in 2016. Phil will discuss the new standards-based regulatory environment where all Australian higher education courses are required to demonstrate student achievement of course learning outcomes and provide benchmark evidence that intended standards have been met. He will draw on Achievement Matters (AM), a collaboration initiative that successfully implemented the design of tasks better suited to assessing the achievement of specific standards. AM has also delivered a model calibration process for assessing learning outcomes against standards, professional development of academics about assessment and enhanced understandings in the external environment of the standards model.

Join us for an exploration of how business faculties can effectively respond to the changing dynamics of assessment and address the challenges associated with academic integrity.

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