Video Assessment with Live Question and Answer Experience in a Large Undergraduate Subject

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This demonstration examines how and why a video presentation assignment with a subsequent live question and answer session was developed and rolled out in a large (450 student) undergraduate AIS subject. It will explore the impetus for the use of video, skills developed.

Video Assessment

While video has become an integral part of the learning experience, particularly within a blended or flexible learning environment, the use of video as a form of assessment is still in its infancy. Indeed, as noted by Genereux (2017) video has become a primary means of communication yet most people are just consumers not creators

Students are being required to produce videos, or at least present to camera, within graduate recruitment with many major graduate employers having a video presentation/interview stage. This led to the question of: are students being prepared for this? The answer to this was no.

With video being a relatively rare form of assessment (particularly within accounting), the literature on its use is minimal. Existing literature supports its use as a creative way to have students engage in deeper learning and foster group work, and have an engaging learning experience (Greene & Crespi, 2012; Puspa, 2016; Willmott, 2015). While creativity can have negative connotations within accounting (creative accounting), creativity can be seen an essential life skill which can be developed with the use of video (Loveless, 2002).

The use of video with live Q&A enables all three components of oral communication, presenting, listening and conversing (Brink & Costigan, 2015) to be assessed.

Participants at this session will hear about the successful implementation of a video assignment, the lessons learnt (both positive and negative) to use this a basis for developing their own video assessment item.

Presenters: Dr Valerie Cotronei-Baird, Mr Matt Dyki, and Ms Maggie Singorahardjo