Using Student Data to Improve Teaching

Analytics & Data Masterclass Series

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Due to the increase in the use of technology in teaching and learning in FBE there is now a greater range of data available about students’ activity and performance. In this workshop we will examine how to use this data to help support the way we teach and assess students in the faculty. Participants will be given a chance to work with student data to:

Experience the existing tools available to teachers in the LMS including the students activity centre, the performance dashboard, the item analysis reports and the seven main analytics reports

  • Determine questions about their own subject that the data could be used to answer
  • Generate feedback for students based on their activity/performance
  • Review their curriculum and learning activity design

Participants will be given an opportunity to think about how to use data from their own subjects to provide support and feedback to students and teachers.

This workshop is a repeat of the Using Student Data to Improve Teaching Workshop held 16 May 2018.

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