Teaching Chinese Students Online

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Online via Zoom

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This two-hour webinar will help academic staff understand culture, communication and education style of their Chinese students, and provide practical tips on effective online teaching.

On completion of this workshop, participants should be able to better understand:

  • Key cultural Australia/China cultural differences and how they impact on educators
  • The Chinese/English language barrier and how to manage it effectively
  • Differences between the Chinese and Anglo-Western learning styles
  • How to make their teaching more accessible for Chinese students
  • How to address challenges around class participation, unstructured tasks (e.g. essays) and group work

Bio: Dr Fiona Swee-Lin Price is the Director of Globalise Consulting. She is of mixed Malaysian Chinese and Anglo-Australian background, speaks Chinese and specialises in practical cultural diversity management, with a particular focus on multicultural names and cross-cultural communication in education and customer service. Her clients include Carlisle Homes, the Australian Crime Commission, Libraries SA and she has provided consulting and training on international student issues at 23 Australian universities. She is an award-winning public speaker, and her book ‘Success with Asian Names’ was published in 2007 by Allen & Unwin. She can be contacted at globalise@internode.on.net.