Support Group Assessment Tasks with Online Tools

Room 6.30, Level 6, 111 Barry Street


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Jessica Clydesdale

This workshop will focus on strategies and technologies aimed at increasing student collaboration. Academics from the Faculty will share examples of good practice and discuss benefits afforded students.
During this session, tools such as Googledocs, LucidChart, Trello (task tracker) and the UoM Sharepoint and OneDrive will be discussed from a lecturer’s perspective. Participants may wish to bring their laptops/tablets to experience the technologies discussed.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Experience selected technologies from the student perspective
  • Discuss the application of such tools within teaching
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies

Facilitators: Miriam Edwards, guest-presenters: Derick Lyle and Maggie Singorahardjo, Department of Accounting